It’s no secret that employers love individuals who go above and beyond to perform better and hone their skills for their roles. It’s not only a win for them, but it’s a win for you! By upskilling alongside your job, you can expand your capabilities and increase your professional progression 🙌

Because of this, most companies will provide (or be open to providing) a training budget or reimbursement offer, allowing their employees to purchase a program to upskill in new or existing areas of their current roles 💪

With summer over and a new academic year beginning, what better time to consider proposing a training budget to your employer? 😍 We’re offering our top tips to help you land a training budget, and how our online courses might just be the key! 🔑

Our 3 top tips for discussing training budgeting with your employers

If you’re thinking of proposing a training budget or course reimbursement opportunity to your employer, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top 3 tips to make sure you’re adding the extra value they’re looking for!👇

1) Set up a plan beforehand

Coming into the discussion with a solid plan shows your employer you’ve not only thought about this proposal thoroughly, but that you’re also serious about it. Try and present a clear proposal that explains your exact intentions and plan of action. Which course or training are you interested in? What will the course cover? How long does it last? When and how will you dedicate time to do it? Remember, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”!

2) Present it as an investment, not an extra expense

Really demonstrate the value of this training to your current job. Which elements will improve aspects of your role and responsibilities? What new skills would you bring to the table? Is there a way to calculate how much time or money you’ll save by learning a specific technique or process? Show your employers how much better you’ll be with this training, and what’s in it for them as a result of that!

Extra tip: If the course is offering a discount or sale, show your employers how much they could save now!

3) Use evidence to back up your proposal

It’s natural for your employer to initially be hesitant about a new investment. The best way to overcome this? Hard evidence. Show actual proof of what the training or course can achieve. You can do this by sharing testimonials or experiences that others have had on the course, or by using final projects showcased on the training provider’s website that demonstrate the quality of work it can achieve. 

Why allWomen is a great choice for your next training opportunity

Our online courses are a fantastic option for training alongside your current job – we’re not biased either! Here are just a few reasons why we’re a great training provider to propose to your employer!

  • We’re super affordable: We offer specialist training at a super affordable price to make upskilling accessible to everyone.
  • We offer flexible learning: Our online courses are designed for those with busy schedules, like a full-time job. With remote sessions and self-paced learning, our courses easily adapt to your schedule, so you can learn with no additional stress!
  • Taught by female industry experts: Our courses are carefully designed by real-world industry experts, so you get the unique insights and skills that we know your employers will want! 
  • We provide more than just a course: Our courses are 70% practical, so you actually apply your learning to real projects! Plus, you’ll get access to our tech community, industry insights, and more, so you can always go the extra mile. 

We already have a ton of companies who have paid for our courses for their employees, too! Companies like Seat CodeWestlivingAdevinta, and Factorial continue to use our courses as their training programs, helping their employees upskill and optimize their job performance and potential!