It’s no secret that upskilling is essential to staying competitive in your ever-changing industry, especially when it comes to tech. But there’s so much more to upskilling than that. It’s not just a way to survive the market, but thrive in it 💪

We like to think of upskilling as a human software upgrade 🤖 – it helps you to evolve with new demands and continue performing at your very best! 

That’s why we’re deep-diving into our top reasons why you should consider starting your upskilling journey ASAP. Plus, how our online courses can help you get there! 👇

1. Expand your role and responsibilities 

Upskilling is a fantastic way to expand your current role and make it feel more rewarding. Whether you upskill in an entirely new area or enhance your current skill set, you’ll be able to show your company that you have the capability to take on new exciting challenges both inside and outside of your current responsibilities. How you upskill will affect how you expand👇

  • Expand vertically: Taking on more important, high-profile responsibilities within your current role – we recommend upskilling in your current area of expertise
  • Expand horizontally: Taking on new responsibilities outside of your current role – we recommend upskilling in a new area you’re interested in.

2. Increase your salary 

Don’t forget that the more value you can offer (expanding vertically, horizontally, or both!), the more leverage you have to increase your salary. 

According to Gallup, workers who complete an upskilling course earn around €7,000 more (or an average of an 8.6% salary increase) than their peers who haven’t upskilled! 😱

3. Discover a new passion 

It’s not all about performance and numbers; upskilling can bring a whole new level of inspiration and fulfillment. You may find a new area of work that you love and are now able to integrate into your daily schedule, or you may find your new calling and have a whole new industry you wish to pivot to! 

4. Future-proof your career 

Upskilling is indeed a failsafe way to future-proof your career. This doesn’t mean maintaining what you currently have. Instead, it means positioning yourself as a sought-after professional in order to develop more and more competitive opportunities. 

Upskilling allows you to increase your number of interested employers, expand the number of roles you are qualified to enter, and stay ahead of the competition by mastering a specific skill set. 

5. Get immediate gratification

Upskilling programs are a very accessible, flexible way to level up your skill set in a short time. Many upskilling courses provide around 10 – 40 hours of learning, which means you’ll be ready to apply your newly acquired skills and enjoy all of these benefits in no time!

Start upskilling today with our affordable online courses!

Our online courses have been specifically designed by female industry experts to help you upskill in just 10 weeks! 

Check out all our online courses here – we have new groups starting on a monthly basis! 👇

👩‍💻 Essential Product Management 

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🔥 Leadership & Communication Skills 

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📈Data Analytics for Business 

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