Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready to take the lead on shaping our next artificial intelligence?

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< Women and women-identified-only environment >

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In just 11 weeks you will go from 0 to 100. Learning programming, data analysis, and machine learning. Create a human-centric AI solution as your personal project. Be ready to find a job in one of the most emerging branches of technology.

Career changers: For women without a STEM background who are driven and passionate about the tech industry and want to take a step into the artificial intelligence sector.

Career Boosters: Women who are established in their professional career and want to jump to the next level by adding AI understanding and AI design to their resume.

Entrepreneurs: Women who run their own venture or have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to develop an AI-based product or service.

Recent STEM graduates: Women who have studied STEM disciplines and want to take a deep dive into the world of artificial intelligence.

Be prepared for a very intense 11 weeks. Learn from and alongside other female experts and peers. Become an AI developer, and let’s add more diversity to the AI sector!

Pre-work: 2 weeks part-time. Remote. Online.

You will learn the basics of Python and statistics through our online courses. We want you all to be on the same page on the first day of the program.

On site: 11 weeks full-time

Week 1 – Programming with Python for artificial intelligence.  

Weeks 2 – Understanding data science: What, why and how. Use cases, tools, motivation, data analysis and data acquisition.

Week 3 – Understanding machine learning: What, why and how. Fields of application, statistics, supervised, unsupervised, reinforced, and deep learning.

Weeks 4 & 5 – Deep dive into data science. Start building your Github portfolio.  Approaching your personal project (a mentor will be assigned to you according to your project).

Weeks 6 & 7 – Deep dive into machine learning. Continue building your Github portfolio. Define and work on your personal project (continuous mentor support).

Weeks 8 & 9 – Developing an AI project: Ethics, methodology, feasibility, deployment, diversity focus. Continue developing your personal project.

Week 10 – Full immersion in developing your AI project and wrapping up. Keys for a successful pitch and presentation.

Week 11: Demo Day. Career Assessment. Curriculum preparation. Hiring Day.

9h – 9h30: Coffee. Check-in. Review

9h30 -11h30: Lecture 1

11h30 – 13h: Pair Practicing

13h – 14h: Lunch

14h – 16h: Lecture 2

16h – 17h30: Pair Practicing

17h30 – 18h: Recap

18h – 19h: Personal Project

19h – 21h: Open Talks and Events

  1. Submit the application form
  2. Let’s have a five-minutes chat on the phone afterwards.
  3. Let’s meet in person and have a personal interview.
  4. Send us your motivation letter and your CV.
  5. Let’s do a coding and statistics assignment.
  6. Let’s meet again, so we can take a look at your assignments and for a tech interview.
  7. You’re in!
  8. Pay the deposit, get access to the pre-work, and finish it. It should take you about one week full-time, or two weeks part-time.
  9. Pay the rest of the tuition fee.
  10. Welcome to the first day of changing your life, welcome to our campus!

Board of Advisors

Regina Llopis
Regina Llopis

Group AIA President

Phd in Mathematics and AI

Founder WA4STEAM

linkedin logo in grey

Susana Duran
Susana Duran

Director of Engineering Mobile

& Bots at Sage

Computer Science Engineer

linkedin logo in grey

Eduardo Peire
Eduardo Peire

AI Consultant and

Head of AI Scope

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Instructors and Guest Lecturers

Carmen Iniesta
Carmen Iniesta

NLP Developer

& Data Scientist at CodeControl

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The cost of the program is 6999€ (VAT included).

You will be with us and at our campus for 12 hours a day, during 11 weeks, 660 hours in total, from Monday to Friday.

We ask for a deposit of 750€ once you have been accepted into the program in order to access the pre-work.

We expect you to pay the remainder of the tuition fee before starting the program.


These are the dates of our next Artificial Intelligence Immersive program:

7th January – 22nd March 2019

1st April – 14th June 2019

24th June – 6th September 2019

16th September – 30th November 2019


Our partners and us are dedicated to lifelong learning, diversity, and equal opportunities for all. We offer scholarships based on the following criteria:

< Women with low income >

< Unemployed women >

< Women in charge of children >

< Women representing ethnic minorities >

< Women representing gender and sexual minorities >

Those scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case basis and are subject to availability. Contact us (link to form contact us) for more information.

We are 100% dedicated to the future and professional career of all our participants. That’s why we have established agreements with different local and international companies to on board you after the program.

Some of the companies who have hired from us:

Clickedu Logo

Cyberclick Logo

Red Points Logo

We also have an extended mentorship network, women just like you who work in the tech field and who will be before, during and after the program guide and accompany you. You are not alone in this new adventure, we got you your back and we are many of us.

After the program will invite you to join the mentorship network, so you can mentor the next generation after you. For us, this is all about community and role modeling. So, welcome on board!

Visit our FAQ section for more extended information, and if you don’t find your answer please get in touch with us.