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Data Analytics Online Course - Part Time

Boost your career by learning Data Analytics


Curious about the field of Data Analytics?

In just 12 weeks we will address the fundamentals of data analysis alongside with the key steps in transforming data into answers. You will have a solid foundation and knowledge of how to manage data and effectively get the most out of it. You will learn about programming, data mining, data analysis, and the powerful visualization of data to create a human-centric Data solution as your personal project.

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144 hours course

Course Calendar

12 weeks part-time

Course Books

100% hands-on experience

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Remote Learning Environment

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Career Development

Course Hands

Women-only environment

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100 hours course

Course Calendar

10 weeks part-time

Course Books

100% hands-on experience

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Flexible Learning Environment

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Career Development

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Women-only environment

Remote Learning Environment

Our courses are 100% online, presented live, and are accesible from all over the world!

Our live online classes, which are also recorded for future viewing, allow us to accommodate an international roster of students, teachers, and mentors, making your learning experience global.

The value of our learning environment:

- Live classes that are also recorded
- 1:1 Mentoring
- Portfolio building
- Small groups of no more than 20
- Hands-on learning with team projects and practice
- Supported by industry-standard platforms & tools that are trusted by tech professionals
- Online weekly events
- In-person social gatherings in Barcelona and more locations coming soon!

Learn from wherever you are

Studying with allWomen means learning in an environment that's tailored to your current lifestyle and personal commitments.

Who is this for

Looking to shift or boost your career?

This course is suitable for you if you are a:

Career Booster: Women who are established in their professional career and want to acquire the skills to level up by adding Data understanding and Data design to their resume in a more efficient way.

Suitable for: Any woman with a professional profile that deals with data, such as: business, marketing, logistics…If you manage data, this course is an ideal way to complement your work by adding a tech layer to your current job to become more efficient and robust.

Skill Building

Hard Skills you will develop:

Soft Skills you will develop:



05 Teamwork


04 Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Course Structure

Learn Data Analytics in record time

Pre-work - 10 hours:


data types

Basic data visualization
with Python

Course Structure - 144 hours:

Units 1 – 3Programming with Python I, Exploratory Data Analysis
Units 4 – 6Programming with Python II
Unit 7SQL. Concepts, hands-on practise.
Units 8 – 9Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms
Units 10 – 12Build your final personal project

Download the syllabus for a comprehensive overview of our curriculum.

Lead Instructor

Learn from female industry experts

Idoia Martí Aluja
Lead Instructor
Data Scientist and Machine Learning Expert

Each course has 3 different instructors on average. They all have senior experience in different industry sectors and work at companies like Typeform, Everis, & Adevinta, among others. Our goal is that you benefit from their diverse experience.

A Typical Week

We’re about learning by doing

70% practical. 30% theory. Each unit covers a different aspect of Data Analytics, concluding in a project presentation of the learnings at the end of the course.

This is what a typical week looks like:

Tue & Thu from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

6:30pm - 6:45pm

Review previous class concepts

6:45pm - 7:45pm


7:45pm - 8pm


8pm - 9:30pm

Hands-on practice! Now, it’s your turn!

Saturdays from 9am to 3pm

10am – 10:30am

Review previous class concepts

10:30am – 11am

Stand-up meeting

11am - 1.30pm

Project Work + Individual Mentoring

1.30pm - 2pm

Weekly Retrospective

Career Development

Develop your career in Europe’s leading academy for women in tech

Our goal is to bring more women into the tech field; that’s why we are committed to the careers of our graduates.

During the course, you will attend a workshop dedicated to career opportunities within the Data Science field and, at the end of your journey, you will have an individual mentorship session with our Data Science oriented career expert.

You will also present your final project at a Demo Day and will have access to the Hiring Day organized every quarter.

Demo & Hiring Day

Career Assessment
in a group and individually


Dates & Schedule

Adaptive scheduling to fit your needs

Part-time courses that enable students to balance other responsibilities such as full-time jobs and families alongside class.

Study Data Analytics with us!

Sep 27 - Dec 17

Tuesday & Thursday from 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Saturdays from 9am to 3pm CET

Jan - April (2023)

Tuesday & Thursday from 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Saturdays from 9am to 3pm CET

May - July (2023)

Tuesday & Thursday from 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Saturdays from 9am to 3pm CET

Tuition & Financing

We care about your finances!

We have different options for funding your studies, as well as partners to help you finance your new career path. Depending on your location, there are many alternatives, from tailored installment plans (with no or low interest rates!) to ‘Study-now-Pay-later’ options. Feel free to review all your options in this document or book a call with our Admissions Team to find yours!

Full Tuition


One-time Payment


* Save 250€ when paid in full

Early Registration


* Save 500€ when paid in full

Pay in installments

We have several options. Find yours.


Your company can fund your studies. Let us help you.


Bring a friend and both of you will get a 100€ disccount.

Admission Process

Take the next step

Here are the steps for completing our admissions process:

1 - Submit this form.

2 - You will receive an email from us to book a call with our admissions team.

3 - From there, we schedule a personal interview with you so that we can understand your background and expectations.

4 - Complete the technical assessment.

5 - We will review your application.

6 - Congratulations! You’ve been accepted! Next comes the student onboarding process.

7 - Pay the tuition fee and enroll. Financial options are available, ask us for more information.

8 - Access the pre-work and prepare yourself for the course. Submit it before the start date of the course.

9 - Welcome to the first day of changing your life and to our campus!