Essential Product Management On Demand Course

Learn tools and frameworks that real life Product Managers employ to build products that people love.


Curious about the field of Product Management?

With our Essential Product Management On Demand Course, you will be exposed to real examples of how top companies build products that people love while learning the tools and skills needed for it.

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25 hours course

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Self - paced with optional live sessions

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Multi-format content approach

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25 hours course

Course Calendar

Self - paced with optional live sessions

Course Books

Hands-on experience

Course Pencil

Multi-format coontent approach

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Course Hands

allWomen Community

Self - paced learning

We know you are busy, so the course is designed to go at your own pace. Once you sign up, the whole content of the course is released in our online learning platform where you will be able not only to do the course but also to connect with other women in tech and with a team of Product Management experts and mentors that will be present to guide discussions, host monthly live sessions with real case industry case studies, provide career advice, support and feedback and foster peer connection.

Along the course, you have the opportunity to complete an optional final project that will help you build your portfolio as Product Manager. If you'd like to do this final project, you should count with 8 additional hours of work.

You will have one whole year access to the course but you'll need to do it in 3 months if you want to obtain a certificate.

Download the syllabus to learn more about the course.

with optional monthly live sessions and final project

Course Outcomes

Hard and Soft Skills of a Product Manager that you will develop in this course:

Hard Skills you will develop:

Soft Skills you will develop:

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What our AW alumna say

Katia Arellano allWomen Alumna
Product Manager

"This course gave me really efficient tools and methodologies to improve my knowledge and my self-confidence in delivering products that fit users needs.."

Lead Instructor

Learn from female industry experts

Kax Uson
Lead Instructor
Product Design Manager at Travel Perk

Kax landed her first role as a Product Manager in an e-commerce startup in the Philippines, just like most Product Managers, completely by accident. Since then she has been building digital products for the last 10 years.She is currently the Head of Product at Adevinta, a multinational company operating leading Marketplaces in Europe (Leboncoin, Marktplaats, Kleinenzagen, Subito, Fotocasa, etc).

After work hours, she has dedicated her time helping out new and aspiring Product Managers not only understand the Product Management role and career path, but also to make it more enjoyable and fulfilling to help Product Managers build an environment for them to thrive in.

Multi-format content approach

Never get bored!

Our course is designed with your motivation in mind, let’s do this girl!

📹 10 to 15 videos per course.
🎧 5 podcasts with industry guests.
✍️ 5 to 10 hands-on exercises.
🗒 5 assessments to self evaluation.
🙋‍♀️ Slack workspace with Mentor support & office hours.

🤝 Optional monthly live online sessions with tech companies case studies and career coaching workshops.
👩‍💻Optional final project to put all your new skills into practice.
🏅Certificate upon completion within 3 months after sign up to the course.

Our Instructors, Mentors and Alumna work at

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Who is this for

Looking to learn something new or boost your career?

If you're hoping to become a Product Manager or to dive deeper into the subject, there is no singular background or path to do it but some of our alumna are...

Discoverers: Women without a project or product management who are driven and passionate about the tech industry and want to take a step into the tech sector.

Upskillers: Women who are established in their professional career and want to take it to the next level by adding Product Management skills to their resume

Planners & Managers: Women who want to take one step further and combine their instinct for planning and managing people, projects or events with Product skills to level up.

Course Structure and Learning Objectives

Course Structure - 25 hours:

Module 1

Intro to Product Management

  • Understand the role of the Product Manager
  • Identify the skills to acquire or build up to become a Product Manager
  • Understand the interaction of a Product Manager with other functions in a tech team (including engineers, designers, and data)
  • Understand the concept of product strategy and product market fit and how critical having one is for an organization to succeed.
Module 2

Solving User Needs

  • Understanding Hierarchy of Needs
  • Exploring the Problem Space and Design Thinking
  • Understanding the Market: Target Audience Model and Personas
  • The Role of Data in Understanding and Validating Needs
  • The Role of Data in Measuring Success
Module 3

Building the right solutions

  • Learn different techniques to generate creative ideas for your products
  • Identify and prioritize the ideas are the most likely to have any impact in solving user needs
  • Use data driven methods to validate the potential value of ideas
  • Continuously build product iteratively through MVPs and/or MLPs
Module 4

Execution and Planning

  • Learn how to create actionable plans for delivering your products
  • Learn different methodologies and tools to manage projects, team productivity, and deliver high quality products efficiently
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and manage expectations from stakeholders
Module 5

Getting that Product role

  • Gain confidence to apply for your dream Product Role
  • Learn how to position yourself as a Product Manager
  • Be prepared for interview for Product Manager positions