Essential Product Management On Demand Course

Learn tools and frameworks that real life Product Managers employ to build products that people love.


Curious about the field of Product Management?

With our Essential Product Management On Demand Course, you will be exposed to real examples of how top companies build products that people love while learning the tools and skills needed for it.

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Course Computer Icon

Self - paced modules

Course Calendar

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Course Books

Hands-on experience

Course Pencil

Multi-content approach

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Mentoring & dedicated support

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Why this course

More than just a course, we offer a complete online learning experience.

This Product Management course combine live sessions with flexible self-paced modules so you can get the best of both worlds for an optimal learning experience. Learn alongside other women from different backgrounds in a course format specially designed to adapt to your busy schedule.

Download the syllabus to learn more about the course.

Course Outcomes

Hard and Soft Skills of a Product Manager that you will develop in this course:

Hard Skills you will develop:

Soft Skills you will develop:

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Course Dialogs


What our AW alumna say

Anindita Adman_PM

Anindita Adman allWomen Alumna
(ex) Marketing & Event Officer

"After a parental career break, I wanted to explore the option of a second career in tech. Doing the Essential PM Course was an insightful experience for someone from a non-tech background like me and helped me a lot in my decision. Learning about the whole cycle of product management and the different tools used was fun and rewarding as I get hands-on experience in building my first product. Plus, the allWomen community and mentors are very helpful and only one click away in Slack. Made by and for women, the Essential PM course is the perfect product for aspiring women product managers!"

Your instructor and industry guests

For women, by women

Kax Uson
Head of product at Adevinta, Product Management coach and allWomen Lead Instructor.


Norma Díaz - Vergara
Lead Product Manager at Onebox, PhD in computational biology, and one of allWomen's industry experts.


Ferdaws Mabrouki
Senior Product Manager at Adevinta with a background in computer science, and allWomen’s career development coach.

Our Instructors, Mentors and Alumna work at

Enrolment and tuition

Last seats available for the next cohort starting February 1st, 2023

Whether you are an aspiring Product Manager or looking to expand your skillset, our online course has something for you. Join now with our exclusive discount code and take the first step towards mastering the art of product management.

  • 499€ Normal price
  • 449€ with the LETSGO10 code!

  • A 5 module course.
    10 to 15 dynamic videos by the lead instructor.
    5 exclusive podcasts by the lead instructor and industry guests.
    Up to 10 hands-on exercises.
    5 assignments to self evaluation.
    1 final project to get your certificate and kickstart your portfolio.
    1 monthly live session with industry experts and development coach.
    1 slack channel for daily support.
    Lifetime access to our growing community.

    Who is this for

    Looking to learn something new or boost your career?

    If you're hoping to become a Product Manager or to dive deeper into the subject, there is no singular background or path to do it but some of our alumna are...

    Discoverers: Women without a project or product management who are driven and passionate about the tech industry and want to take a step into the tech sector.

    Upskillers: Women who are established in their professional career and want to take it to the next level by adding Product Management skills to their resume

    Planners & Managers: Women who want to take one step further and combine their instinct for planning and managing people, projects or events with Product skills to level up.

    Course Structure and Learning Objectives

    Course Structure - 30 hours:

     ModuleLive SessionLed by
    Week 1
    1. Introduction to Product Management
    Meet the Cohort – 1st FebStaff + Mentors
    Week 2Case Study with Industry Expert – 8th FebNorma Diaz
    Week 3
    2. Providing Value by Solving User Needs
    Week 4Q&A with Lead Instructor – 22th FebKax Uson
    Week 5
    3. Providing Value by Building the Right Solutions
    Week 6Career Development with Coach – 8th MarFerdaws Mabrouki
    Week 7
    4. Execution and Planning
    Week 8  
    Week 9
    5. Getting that Product Role
    Q&A with Lead Instructor – 29th MarKax Uson
    Week 10Reflection & Gratitude Time – 5th AprStaff
    Learning Objectives:

    Module 1 – Intro to Product Management

    • Understand the role of the Product Manager
    • Identify the skills to acquire or build up to become a Product Manager
    • Understand the interaction of a Product Manager with other functions in a tech team (including engineers, designers, and data)
    • Understand the concept of product strategy and product market fit and how critical having one is for an organization to succeed.

    Module 2 – Solving User Needs

    • Understanding Hierarchy of Needs
    • Exploring the Problem Space and Design Thinking
    • Understanding the Market: Target Audience Model and Personas
    • The Role of Data in Understanding and Validating Needs
    • The Role of Data in Measuring Success

    Module 3 – Building the right solutions

    • Learn different techniques to generate creative ideas for your products
    • Identify and prioritize the ideas are the most likely to have any impact in solving user needs
    • Use data driven methods to validate the potential value of ideas
    • Continuously build product iteratively through MVPs and/or MLPs

    Module 4 – Execution and Planning

    • Learn how to create actionable plans for delivering your products
    • Learn different methodologies and tools to manage projects, team productivity, and deliver high quality products efficiently
    • Learn how to communicate effectively and manage expectations from stakeholders

    Module 5 – Getting that Product role

    • Gain confidence to apply for your dream Product Role
    • Learn how to position yourself as a Product Manager
    • Be prepared for interview for Product Manager positions