Product Management Part time

Get trained in one of the most demanded professions in tech today.
Next edition: Sept 15th  - Nov 19th 2020

allWomen Product Management Part Time course. What you are getting into? 

Product Management is a relatively young discipline. Born out of Silicon Valley and Agile, it has grown tremendously in the last few years. This course is about understanding what Product Management is. You will go through the whole cycle of becoming a good Product Manager. And how to effectively bring new products and experiences to market.

  • 10 weeks part-time
  • 100 hours of lectures
  • 100% hands-on
  • Elite female instructors
  • Women-only-environment
  • Career Development

This course is aimed at any women interested and/or already working in tech, with a passion for creating solutions to customer problems. Such as Business analysts, programmers, project managers. You don’t specifically need a technical background to become a product manager.

Career BoostersWomen who are established in their professional career and want to add-on product management skills and tools

Career Changers: For women hesitating about a career change, this class is an entry door to the role of a professional Product Manager and to become one.

EntrepreneurWomen who run their own venture or have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to minimize the risk of failing. Understanding your product and its phases for successful development and growth


Remote: 1-2 weeks 
Pre-work and Recommended reads before starting the course.

On Campus: 

Block 1 & 2 – Introducing Product Management 
Understand the role of a Product Manager  and how to framing problems

Block 3 – Exploring solutions
Understanding the idea of “building fast and learning fast” 

Block 4 & 5 – Idea Pitching and  Project / Defining focus
Understanding how to present your product and engage your stakeholder and to plan successfully.

Block 6 & 7 & 8 – Delivering/Prioritising/Retiring
Understanding Agile methodologies and its role in software development.implementation & prioritisation frameworks and implementation.

Block 9 & 10 – Career plan & Pitching at  Demo day 
Understanding how to start/develop your career as Product Manager. 

Hiring Day 

A typical week at allWomen Campus in Barcelona

We run 3 editions per year:
January – March
April – June
September – November

Ask us for the exact dates

Tuesday and thursday from 18.30h to 21.30h: Lectures + Practice
Saturday from 10h to 14h: Work on projects

Summer edition
July intensive – Monday to Friday from 18:30 to 21:30

Every week we host a community event or a masterclass on diversity, AI, Product Management and UX/UI. To find out about past and future allWomen Talks & Labs you can check Meetup group


  1. Submit the application form. 
  2. You will receive an email from us to book a slot for a phone call.

  3. Let’s have a fifteen-minutes call to understand your background and expectations. 

  4. Have a personal interview with us.

  5. Sign the contract and pay the tuition fee. Financial options are available, ask us for more information.

  6. Get access to the pre-work.

  7. Welcome to the first day of changing your life, welcome to our campus!

allWomen Product Management Part Time course Instructors and experts.


Kax Uson
Product Manager at Adevinta

 Maria A. Polo
Head of Product at Ubeeqo

Irene Amo 
Product Owner at Visca Web


Anita Dieckhoff
Product Owner (Growth)

Ana Patricia Vinhas
Senior Product Manager 

We run  3 editions per year:

January- March
April –  June
September – November  

Ask us for the exacts dates. 


Tuesday and Thursday from 18.30h to 21.30h
Saturday from 10h to 14h.


* COVID-19 and Remote Learning *

Due to the current worldwide situation, we have adapted and transferred all our courses to working remotely until further notice. 

We are proud to say that as a digital tech company, the transition has been quick and  successful.

For that reason, we want to keep you informed that in case you are interested in the April edition, the course will continue as planned. We’ll start remotely and move to in-person as soon as we are allowed.

See our section “Remote Learning” in this page or Contact us and we will inform you how remote learning is already successfully taking place at our academy.


Up to 3 installments: 2950€ (VAT included).
Payment upfront: 2450€ (VAT included). 


Financial options
We believe that finances should not be an obstacle to follow your dreams and study something that will change your career! 
That’s why we have partner with Banc Sabadell to whom we agreed great conditions for your split payments! Contact us for more info. 

allWomen campus

Our campus is located in the city center of Barcelona, in front 
of Santa Caterina Market.

As an allWomen student you will have 24/7 access to the space to work individually or in group in your project. 

From our class to some of the most exiting parts of the city in 5min! so you will be able to discover the city from here.

Why in Barcelona?

Apart from the obvious: the amazing architecture, the proximity to nature and the sea, a very diverse society, oh the food! and the most exiting cultural events, Barcelona is also gaining its place as one of Europe top tech cities, with an increasing startup ecosystem, being home of some important tech companies such as Typeform, King, Wallapop, Glovo, Badi and many more! and of course hosting some of the most important worldwide tech events, the Mobile World Congress and 4YFN.

Housing in Barcelona. Where to stay? 

We want you to have the best and easiest experience during your time studying with us! 

That is why we rely on trusted partners to offer you various kinds of accommodation, adapted to your taste and pocket!

Our partners, Aspasios and BlueStripe will offer you from individual boutique flats to shared acommodations so you only have to concentrate on your studies and on having a great time in Barcelona!

Ask us about our exclusive rates for allWomen students.

Develop your careers in Europe’s leading academy for women in tech

Our goal is to help more women either take the leap into the technology sector or continue to develop a meaningful career in this industry.

To help make this leap, we mount a series of initiatives that will provide you with the necessary support to boldly enter the industry with confidence:

  • Demo Days & Hiring Days
  • Career Assessment
  • Female Industry Network
  • Hiring Fairs

Learn everything about the Career Development Plan in our specific section.

All you need to know about our Product Management program

I’m not in tech yet, can I apply?
Yes, you can! We welcome all kind of backgrounds to our programs, you have your own vision from which we all will learn.
People from different backgrounds can be great product managers. Like marketing, business, creative etc.

And we will help you to find a job in tech after finishing your course with our mentorship and hiring programs. 

I’m not sure if it’s for me.
We also have doubts about the things we don’t know, but we can tell you that apart from getting all the info you need to bring a product from concept to market, you’ll be able to make your own full project and you will get a mentor to guide you during the program.

If you are looking for a shift in your career and a hands-on program to get you in tech, this probably is for you. 

Which jobs can I apply/get after the course?
Product owner, product manager for digital and tech businesses 

Do I get to make my own project?
Yes, you will develop a full project during the program  

It is available online?
No for now, we think that it is important to be present at our campus to get all the knowledge and advantages of our programs. Apart from the school hours we host special labs and talks on Wednesday and Fridays from 6pm to 8pm to master your tech skills, meet some other amazing women in tech and maybe find your future employer. 

How long does the course take?
We have two programs:

  • 10 weeks part time – 100 school hours.  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18.30h to 21.30h. Editions starting on January, April and September. 
  • Summer edition part time – 60 school hours. July – Monday to Friday from 18h to 21h.
For more information go to our general FAQ section for more extended information, and if you don’t find your answer please get in touch with us at