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We believe that every woman has the right to study the career of her dreams.

'Women in Tech' Scholarships:

Our partners know that training with allWomen is worthwhile; that's why they give more women the opportunity to do so through scholarships.

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2021 Boost: Life-Balance Scholarships

4 Scholarships – 50% Off Data Science Part Time Bootcamp (April 2021)

Edition: April 2021
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2021 Boost: Super Scholarships​

3 Scholarships – 50% Off Data Science Bootcamp (February 2021)

3 Scholarships – 50% Off Web Development Part Time Course  (March 2021)

Editions: February 2021 & March 2021
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'Women in Data' Scholarships:

5 Scholarships – 80% Off Data Science Bootcamp (April)

2 Post COVID-19 Scholarships – 90% Off Data Science Bootcamp (September) 

Women to learn Data Science

Editions: April 2020 & September 2020
Powered by Barcelona Activa & Skyscanner

'Women in Python' Scholarships:

3 Scholarships
Women to learn Python

Edition: November 2019
Powered by Badi

Are you a company that hopes to encourage women to enter and thrive in the tech industry?

Help reduce the gender gap by providing opportunities to future female tech talent.