Blockchain for innovative use cases

When, where, and how to use Blockchain to enable innovative new business models.

Blockchain for innovative use cases

A hands-on workshop to get a first understanding of how to identify innovative Use Cases where the use of Blockchain will give a competitive advantage. We will define how to drive the implementation and guarantee the measurement of the ROI.

This is a course that will allow you to understand the state-of-art of this emerging technology and when and how to introduce Blockchain in your work (and in your daily life as well!).

Blockchain Course Outline

Starting with some friendly definitions to give you the foundations of how to drive innovation with the use of Blockchain.

You will be able to clearly understand the curve of maturity of this technology, to track the dependencies, to follow the key stakeholders and players in order for you to define your own strategy on the use of Blockchain in your work..

After some hands-on work, we will also share with you some hints to demonstrate the opportunity this technology opens for you and your company to deliver tangible innovation through establishing partners and business models with collaboration with other players in the market.

For women by women

This course is for women-identified.

Women willing to increase their knowledge of the latest tech trends to be innovative and foresee the future of new business models where collaboration and soft-skills development are key.

Women working or willing to work in driving IT, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Business Consulting, Marketing or Communication in any Business Segment of the Market.

For any of those ready to embrace new points of view, brave and very pragmatic women who want to learn, grow and improve their business results by using innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology, this course is for you.

Blockchain Female Expert

This course will be conducted by Montserrat Guardia Güell.

  • Company: Banco Sabadell
  • Position Digital Challange Delivery Director @ Banc Sabadell, Vice-president Alastria Consortium, Quantum Blockchain Alliance President

Senior Telecommunications Engineer and Master in Business Administration, has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of Information Technology and Operations, leading operational transformation projects and launching new businesses in multinationals. 

Montse has spent the last 6 years building bridges between Start-Ups and Multinationals, working very close to multidisciplinary and multicultural teams with high experience in cutting-edge technologies and entrepreneurial skills.

When & Where 

The price for this course is 69€ (VAT included).

This is a 3-hour specialization course.

At MOB I Makers of Barcelona (Bailén, 11 08010 Barcelona).

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