Build your own custom WordPress Website

Go beyond WordPress themes: be your own developer. No prior coding experience required.

Build your own custom WordPress Website 

WordPress currently powers 31% of all websites on the internet. From bloggers to BBC to Beyoncé, WordPress has been trusted by many to build websites: from expert developers to those with little to no coding knowledge.

All it takes is a beautiful premium theme and premium plugins to let you carve your own space for your brand on the world wide web.

WordPress themes are lovely but are sometimes bloated with a lot of features you might never use. Maybe you have searched through a lot of themes for your new site but still, haven’t found the right one that honors your original vision.

Or maybe you like a certain feature on someone else’s website but don’t know how to add it to yours. What do you do? That’s where this course comes in.

This completely practical course shows women how to take their WordPress websites to the next level. In only six hours and two days, you will gain the confidence to build a custom, responsive, premium website for yourself for free, and you may never feel the need to purchase a theme or pay a developer ever again.

Build your own custom WordPress Website Course Outline

This two-day course will take you from complete beginner to WordPress-savvy. No prior coding experience necessary. It begins with an introduction to WordPress, from installation to setup and dashboard navigation. We will then learn how to use Elementor, a freemium page builder plugin, containing enough tools in its free version that will help us to create a variety of layouts for our custom site.

On day two we will learn how to customize our site layout even further with some introductory HTML and CSS concepts. We will see how these markup and styling languages let us turn a simple wireframe or mockup into a real live web page. Lastly, we will learn about some of the best WordPress plugins we can use to make our site SEO-friendly, spam-free and secure.

For women by women 

This course is for women and women-identified.

Women on a limited budget who always wanted to own a custom website for their own brand.

Women with limited to no experience using WordPress, HTML, and CSS.

Women who were always curious about building websites but had no idea where to start.

Women who would like to start building a career in web development.

Build your own custom WordPress Website Female Expert

This course will be conducted by  Sherezz Grant.

Sherezz is a full-stack web developer with five years of experience building WordPress websites. She is passionate about creating and developing high-quality, clean, user-friendly websites and applications for artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and startups.

Besides WordPress, she also creates full-stack websites and applications from scratch using key JavaScript technologies and frameworks. You can find out more about Sherezz by visiting her portfolio.

When & Where 

The price for this course is 99€ (VAT included).

This is a 6-hour specialization course.

At MOB I Makers of Barcelona (Bailèn, 11 08010 Barcelona).

New dates coming soon.