How to design and build Chatbots – Advanced workshop

Your next stept in building a chatbot

Design & Build Chatbots 

At this course you will learn how you to create your own chatbot with enhanced features like rich HTML templates, transactions, payments, interacting with third party API’s, and broadcasting messages.

Along with using chatbot builder tools, we will take a look at different AI frameworks such as Watson, Microsoft Bot Framework, LUIS or Lex, and we will try integrations with DialogFlow. 

Theory and hands-on exercises will demonstrate how chatbots can really enhance a wide variety of business cases.

Design & Build Chatbots  Course Outline

You will be able to choose and master different tools to implement and design chatbots. You will understand how the different components of a chatbot work and how to create the chatbot you really need.

For women by women 

This course is for women and women-identified.

This course is for women who already understand what chatbots and AI are and want to create or understand more in deep how to create a bot and manage a team to build it.

Design & Build Chatbots – Female Expert

This course will be conducted by Susana Duran.

Susana is currently managing the Mobile & Bots Centre of Excellence of Sage, a market leader in cloud accounting software. Sponsor and leader of collaborative development creating a golden triangle where designing mobile experiences includes UX and Marketing along with the engineering team. A believer and collaborator of the Ethics of Code for AI developers. She is also a member of Women in Mobile, an initiative aiming to increase the visibility of women in tech.

When & Where 

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The price for this course is 69€ (VAT included).

This is a 3-hour specialization advanced course.

At MOB I Makers of Barcelona (Bailèn, 11 08010 Barcelona).