Introduction to Product Management

Why and how building a product is important.

Product management

Product management is a relatively “young” discipline. Born out of Silicon Valley and Agile, it has grown tremendously in the last few years.

This course is about understanding what product management is. You will learn the basics of becoming a good product manager. And how to effectively bring new products and experiences to market.

During the course, we will follow a practical approach by solving a common product challenge. 

Product Management Course outline

In this course, you will learn about the product management lifecycle. And how to go from product discovery to launch.

We will cover how to define personas and user journeys, and map it to key impact areas. We will also introduce the basics of AB testing, how to define success, a few helpful prioritization techniques and how to build a roadmap and write user stories.

At the end of the course, you will walk away with a toolkit to help you bring a new feature/product to market. 

For women by women

This course is for women and women-identified.

This course is aimed at any women interested in tech with a passion for creating solutions to customer problems. Such as Business analysts, programmers, project managers.

You don’t specifically need a technical background to become a product manager.

Product Management Female Expert

This course will be conducted by Maria Polo Guardia.

Maria is an entrepreneurial and hands-on product leader with an extensive background in digital, payments and travel product management. She also has great expertise in Agile/Kanban product development, strategy, marketing, and operations.

She is passionate about building cool new digital experiences, fintech and startups disrupting the norm. 

Maria is also an advocate for women in tech, mentoring other women and school girls and member of the of Google’s #IamRemarkable initiative to empower women and underrepresented groups.

When and Where

The price for this course is 375€ (VAT included).

This is a 15-hour specialization course.

At MOB I Makers of Barcelona (Bailèn, 11 08010 Barcelona).

New dates coming soon.