How to use UX to design services and apps as valuable solutions

5 steps to learn User Centered Design in a week

UX to design services and apps

Technological innovation has made a switch in the way the industry designs new products and services. The result? In these days, a good UX is a key to gain and retain users. But also, it has become our best teacher to design valuable solutions.

During these five sessions, you will use the Design Thinking framework to understand and learn UX and User Centered Design. You will identify pain points to design services and apps as valuable solutions. Also, you will practice how to communicate your findings to different stakeholders.

UX to design services and apps  Course Outline

You will learn what is Human-Centered Design through the Design Thinking framework.

The five steps of this methodology will allow you to navigate from your creative-thinking to your analytical-thinking to elaborate useful prototypes and test them.

Understand different dynamics and tools:  User Personas, Empathy Map, User Flows, Task Analysis and Wireframes. All of them encourage a lot of teamwork, communication skills, and design.

In the end, you will have a tested prototype that solves a real-life problem.

Tip: You will learn the basics of the Marvel App to prototype your solutions in the Prototype session.

For women by women 

This course is for women and women-identified.

Any of you who is passionate about problem-solving and product design using cross-functional abilities. If you feel your right-brain and your left-brain are in constant competition, this workshop will help you to put all your brain skills into collaboration.

If you are a woman interested in innovation, creativity applied to engineered solutions, marketing, and technology as tools to generate businesses or even make this a better world, this is your place to be!

 UX to design services and apps Female Expert

This course will be conducted by Isaura Fontcuberta.

Over the years she’s had the precious opportunity to touch every step of the way from the cable to the design of digital solutions.

She has a very cross-skilled profile that includes Project Management, Customer Service, Human Centered Design, Web design & development, DevOps, Business Strategy, and Information Architecture.

Besides, she finds Education and Tech Divulgation feed her soul. That’s why she dedicates some of her time to facilitate knowledge environments where everyone, including her, learns.

She sees technology as a tool to enhance human collaboration. Her motto? We don’t work with computers. We work with humans over computers.

When & Where 

The price for this course is 375€ (VAT included).

This is a 15-hour specialization course.

At MOB I Makers of Barcelona (Bailèn, 11 08010 Barcelona).

New dates coming soon.