UX Research Foundation On Demand Course

Learn how to gather powerful insights to create successful digital products.


Curious about the field of UX Research?

In this UX Research Foundation course you will learn the process, the methods and the techniques to create products and services that put people's needs at their core.

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25 hours course

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Self - paced with optional live sessions

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Multi-format content approach

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Course Computer Icon

25 hours course

Course Calendar

Self - paced with optional live sessions

Course Books

Hands-on experience

Course Pencil

Multi-format coontent approach

Course Handshake


Course Hands

allWomen Community

Self - paced learning

with optional monthly live sessions and final project

We know you are busy, so the course is designed to go at your own pace. Once you sign up, the whole content of the course is released in our online learning platform where you will be able not only to do the course but also to connect with other women in tech and with a team of UX/UI Design experts and mentors that will be present to guide discussions, host monthly live sessions with real case industry case studies, provide career advice, support and feedback and foster peer connection.

Along the course, you have the opportunity to complete an optional final project that will help you build your portfolio as UX Researcher. If you'd like to do this final project, you should count with 8 additional hours of work.

You will have one whole year access to the course but you'll need to do it in 3 months if you want to obtain a certificate.

Download the syllabus to learn more about the course.

What our AW alumna say

Kitti Kerekes allWomen Alumna
Program Manager

"A must-have foundation for anyone getting into UXR or considering conducting more UX research as a part of their day-to-day. I think the content is clear, concise, and relevant with pragmatic examples that tell enough of a story to keep you engaged, but not so much that your mind wanders. Joining the AllWomen community, having live sessions with experts, and accessing a great variety of content made this a fun and useful course. Ps. Highly recommend you to join the AW Slack community, and check out their actionable, insightful content and events/conferences."

Course Outcomes

Hard and Soft Skills of a UX Researcher that you will develop in this course:

Hard Skills you will develop:

Soft Skills you will develop:



05 Teamwork


Course Dialogs


Lead Instructor

Learn from female industry experts

Diana Militano
Lead Instructor
Product Design Manager at Travel Perk

Diana is a product design manager and instructor. Between Milan, London and Barcelona, Diana has been working for ten years in UI and UX, with a particular focus on user experience design for Enterprise, B2B & SaaS applications.From 2020, she has been teaching UX/UI at AllWomen and collaborating with different product design schools. Each course has 5 different instructors on average. They all have senior experience in different industry sectors and work at companies like Typeform, Everis, & Adevinta, among others. Our goal is that you benefit from their diverse experience.

Multi-format content approach

Never get bored!

Our course is designed with your motivation in mind, let’s do this girl!

📹 10 to 15 videos per course.
🎧 5 podcasts with industry guests.
✍️ 5 to 10 hands-on exercises.
🗒 5 assessments to self evaluation.
🙋‍♀️ Slack workspace with Mentor support & office hours.

🤝 Optional monthly live online sessions with tech companies case studies and career coaching workshops.
👩‍💻Optional final project to put all your new skills into practice.
🏅Certificate upon completion within 3 months after sign up to the course.

Next Live Online Sessions

Dive deeper into the field with real Case Studies from:

January 2023
Mariana Amat, Senior UX Researcher at N26

February 2023
Diana Militano, Product Design Manager at Travel Perk and Lead UX/UI Instructor at AllWomen

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Who is this for

Looking to learn something new or boost your career?

If you're hoping to become a UX Researcher or to dive deeper into the subject, there is no singular background or path to do it but some of our alumna are...

Discoverers: Women without a UX/UI background who are driven and passionate about the tech industry and want to take a step into the UX/UI sector.

Upskillers: Women who are established in their professional career in UX/UI Design and want to take it to the next level by adding UX Research skills to their resume

Designers: Women who want to take one step further and combine their design instinct with UX Research skills to level up.

Social Scientists: Women who have a research background and want to get into the tech sector.

Marketers: Women who want to acquire knowledge in gathering insights to boos any digital product or service.

Course Structure and Learning Objectives

Course Structure - 25 hours:

Module 1

Design Thinking and Lean UX

  • Understand the foundation of UX: human-centered design and design thinking.
  • Get an overview of the double-diamond, the most popular design framework.
  • See human-centered design in practice: Learn UX and Agile methodology.
  • Get ready for a job in a product team, learning about SCRUM and Kanban.
  • Practice how to reframe user problems to build successful solutions.
Module 2

Foundations of UX Research

  • Intro to research: what is research, and why is it so important?
  • The role of the researcher: collecting data and transform them into insights.
  • The phases of research: strategy, execution, validation.
  • Type of research methods: attitudinal vs. behavioral.
  • Type of research methods: qualitative vs. quantitative.
  • Overview of research methods.
  • Desk research and competitor analysis.
  • How to sell research to a skeptic team.
Module 3

Planning research initiatives

  • Learn how to formulate research questions.
  • Find your research target.
  • Learn how to recruit participants.
  • Draft a research plan.
  • Get experience recruiting and scheduling interviews.
Module 4

Surveys and user interviews

  • Surveys.
  • User interviews.
  • Anxiety and imposter syndrome when conducting interviews.
Module 5

From problems to solutions

  • How to write an insight.
  • How to make sense of a large amount of qualitative data: the affinity mapping technique.
  • Presenting your findings: user personas and archetypes.
  • Presenting your findings: empathy maps.
  • From problems to solutions: jobs to be done.
  • From problems to solutions: user journey mapping.

Download the UX Research On Demand Course syllabus for a comprehensive overview of the course.