Ever find yourself wondering if you’re just a woman in a man’s world? 🌎 There are so many male-dominated industries today that make it super difficult for us to feel confident, safe, or fulfilled. Although things have changed quite a bit over the years, we’re still far away from where we need to be – and the recent incident at the Women’s World Cup is clear evidence of that. 

We may feel like women in a man’s world, but when we unite together, we can seriously make a difference. 💪 Let’s take a look at the incredible chain reaction female footballers have created since the World Cup incident, why the worlds of football and tech aren’t so different, and how we’re uniting to turn tech from a man’s world into our world. 👇

Female football: women in a man’s world?

During the World Cup final in August, Luis Rubiales, head of Spain’s football federation (RFEF), grabbed and kissed Spanish footballer Jennifer Hermoso without consent during the medal ceremony. Despite public outrage and Hermoso herself stating clearly that she was a “victim of an assault,” Rubiales refused to resign or even take responsibility for his actions, claiming that this response was “false feminism.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t just a one-off incident. These actions and responses from Rubiales and others are just a glimpse of the bigger issues that are still at play within women’s football: 

  1. Men still have the power: Men continue to dominate female football and control the narrative. Cata Coll, the goalkeeper of the Spanish national team, sums up the whole scenario perfectly – “What a pity that the 23 female football players aren’t the protagonists.”
  2. The disparity between men and women is huge:  Even when it comes to wages, women are suffering. Last season, the minimum salary for the women’s league was just €16,000, less than 9% of the €182,000 average for the men’s league. 
  3. Female footballers are still seen as women in a man’s world: This isn’t the safe space promised for women. Women’s dignity continues to be violated, whether behind the scenes or during a globally televised match.

The power of female unity: how we’re making changes for the better

Since the incident, more than 81 players (including the entire World Cup Spanish team) have boycotted playing for the national team while the “current administrators” are in place, and 11 members of staff offered their resignation in solidarity. The coming together of women and public support has already helped transform female football for the better in just under a month:

  • Restructuring the organization: Luis Rubiales has resigned from his position, alongside Jorge Vilda (Spanish team head coach), who was sacked due to initially supporting Rubiales’ response. 
  • Wage change: A minimum salary deal has been made for next season – all female players will now receive a minimum of €22,500, with the potential to rise up to €25,000 (but we still have a long way to go to get to €182k!). 
  • Mass visibility: As the issues become more visible, the support becomes more powerful. No longer do we rely on only women supporting women, but even male footballers are striking in solidarity.

By uniting, these incredible women have already been able to make changes that will not only impact their future success but also pave the way for future generations of female footballers. After all, young girls should be able to follow their dreams in football and have a safe space to succeed 🦸‍♀️

But it’s not just inside football that women deserve safe spaces – we deserve safe spaces in other sectors, too – and that includes tech

Women in football and tech aren’t that different

If we think about it, the issues female footballers are experiencing right now aren’t that much different than what we’re also experiencing in the tech sector:

It’s no wonder tech still feels like a “man’s world”…but let’s not forget an important thing. By uniting and having these conversations, we have the possibility to make a change. In fact, that’s exactly what our mission is at allWomen!

Making tech our world where you can thrive

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