from September 23rd to
December 6th 2019

11 weeks, full time

Monday to Friday


Tuition 6950€
(Early birds ‘til May)

440 lecture hours + 10h mentoring hours

Learn programming, data analysis, and machine learning.

Be ready to find a job in one of the most emerging branches of technology!

This course is for women who want to have a greater impact on the career they wish to undertake. We will provide you with the basic skills you need to master in order to work in a data science and AI project. And you will put these concepts into practice by conducting an analysis that is AI driven by your own interest.


< 80% practical. 20% theory. It's hands on! >

< Learn (and master!) Python. >

< Deep dive into data analytics, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing >

< Create and present projects with weekly learnings. >

< Design and develop 2 start-to-end AI centric personal projects. >

< Women and women-identified-only environment >

< Elite female professionals and teachers >

_learning objectives:

  • Program in Python and work with Git & GitHub repositories;
  • Understand the data science process (data exploration, preprocessing, building a ML model, performance indicators and error metrics, model optimization);
  • Smart visualization to transform data into information;
  • Think critically about data and draw conclusions based on your analysis;
  • Grasp an understanding of the most commonly used tools in the Industry and learn how to use them to support your needs.

_personal and professional objectives

  • Better understand this Industry and the opportunities it offers;
  • Build a portfolio that matches Industry expectations;
  • Work with GitHub and create your online presence / personal brand;
  • Defend your results, findings, and next-steps recommendations in front of an audience;
  • Work as an individual to accomplish your personal goals, and share your knowledge by working in a team with other motivated and ambitious women like you.

_a week at
allWomen campus

Week 1 – Programming with Python + Understanding the data science process.

Week 2 – Understanding Machine Learning: Regression Algorithms.

Week 3 – Understanding Machine Learning: Classification Algorithms.

Week 4 – Unsupervised Machine Learning.

Week 5 – NLP & Sentiment Analysis: Dealing with real data and its particularities.

Week 6 – First end-to-end Project. Create your own AI project from scratch under the guidance of the mentor and our community of Inspiring Women.

Weeks 7 & 10 – Full immersion in developing your second AI project.

Week 11 – Demo Day. Career Assessment. Hiring Day. Wrap-up your analysis and work to deliver a professional presentation.

_who is this for?

We look for an attitude and all kind of backgrounds.
Yours is unique and will add value to the group and the tech sector.

All applicants will have to go through an admission process:
Submit the application form > Personal interview > Assessment and CV

_lead instructors

Lead Instructor
Data Scientist & Computational Biophysicist

_hiring partners

Preparing you for job market is a priority for us, that’s why we count on HR and Career Advisors who specialize in this sector.
Here's a selected few of our hiring partners: