Next class starts 16 July, 2024

Financing options available - Pay in 4 installments!

Data Analytics Bootcamp

Become a successful professional in the Data Analytics field with our immersive, part-time bootcamp, designed by industry-leading female experts. With personalized support and practical learning, you’ll get the best results.

Next class starts 16 July, 2024


Get the formal training needed to enter the field of Data Analytics with our immersive, part-time, 10-week course. Learn how to turn raw data into actionable insights like a real Data Analyst.

Enrich your learning experience with our remote-learning environment, made up of live classes and sessions and sessions that will teach you all the ins and outs of Data Analytics. Receive personalized support, development, and feedback from industry experts alongside a like-minded group of women.

  • 100% remote live classes recorded for future viewing
  • Part-time learning over 10 weeks (120h total)
  • Group mentoring sessions
  • Hands-on learning through team projects
  • One end-to-end project for your portfolio
  • Professional development from industry experts

After finishing the bootcamp, you’ll have the formal training and development to get a Data Analyst, Business Analyst, or Business Intelligence role. You’ll learn about Python and the skills to transform and visualize data.

This bootcamp is a total game changer, designed for those looking to shift their career entirely or learn the new skills needed in the field of Data Analytics. Our bootcamp students are usually:

    • Career shifters: Whether you’re new to the field or considering a career shift to become a Data professional, our course will provide you with the foundation and knowledge necessary to succeed.
    • Career boosters: Women who want to enhance their existing careers with Data Analytics skills and tools will benefit from our comprehensive course.
    • Entrepreneurs: For female entrepreneurs or those with an entrepreneurial mindset, our course will help you make informed decisions by providing the tools and skills necessary to analyze complex data and gain insights to solve real-world problems


  • 120-hours of learning over 10 weeks
  • Live classes 3 times per week
  • 100% hands-on experience
  • Certification in 10 weeks

Course structure

In this module of the course, you'll learn about two fundamental programming paradigms – Functional Programming and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) – using the Python programming language.

You’ll learn the essential techniques to analyze and understand data, and about descriptive statistics, like mean, median and standard deviation, and how they’re used to summarize data. Then, you’ll learn how to conduct univariate and bivariate analysis.

You’ll prepare your data for analysis, exploring data-cleaning techniques to identify and fix errors, inconsistencies, and missing values in your dataset. Then, you'll learn how to perform data transformations, converting your data into a more usable format and encoding categorical variables.

You’ll understand the principles of the scientific method and how they apply to data science. Also, how to formulate hypotheses, design experiments to test them, and analyze and interpret the results. You'll also learn about data integrity, replication, and reproducibility in scientific research.

This module of the course covers the use of the Pandas library for data manipulation and analysis in Python.

You’ll learn how to work with Pandas data structures, and how to clean, transform and merge data using Pandas methods. Additionally, you'll learn how to perform advanced data analysis tasks, such as grouping, filtering, and applying statistical functions to data using Pandas.

You’ll understand the important role of statistics in project design and implementation, while also learning about different types of data and how to choose appropriate statistical techniques for analyzing them. You’ll learn about detecting outliers in data, ensuring data accuracy and reliability.

In this module you’ll learn about probability distributions, random variables, and how to calculate probabilities of events. You'll also learn about the frequentist approach, which involves analyzing data through repeated sampling and statistical inference.

You'll learn how to formulate a hypothesis, design experiments to test it, and analyze and interpret the results. You'll also learn about the different types of hypothesis tests, such as one-sample, two-sample, and chi-square tests, and how to choose the appropriate test for your analysis.

You'll learn to communicate data insights and KPI, while exploring different visualization techniques and learning how to build dashboards using tools like Tableau, Power BI, and Python libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn. You’ll learn how to present and communicate findings effectively.

This part of the course introduces you to key concepts like databases and the basics of SQL language, as well as how to retrieve information from databases. Then, you’ll have hands-on practice, where you’ll learn how to query with SQL, filtering, aggregating functions, sorting, and grouping.

You’ll be asked to showcase your final and personal project to our community. This final project presentation gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills, knowledge, and expertise in Data Analytics, and receive feedback and recognition from industry experts.
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It’s natural feeling doubtful when starting coding in a Data Analytics Bootcamp, specially coming from super different background. Now I know I have chosen the right path & organization, I gained not only a new beginning into the tech world, but the confidence I needed learning the tools & insights the market is currently requesting.

An important reason for me to take this course in particular was that there are women from different backgrounds who want to learn the same skills. This gives an empowering atmosphere to every lesson we take and motivates women to find their path in technical roles/tech companies that have been overpowered by men for decades.

Our alumna work at

Your path towards a rewarding career in tech

Our bootcamp curriculum is designed to provide proactive, hands-on learning that mimics the day-to-day processes within Data Analytics. You'll work on a real-world project that you’ll present on a Demo Day to industry experts at the end of the bootcamp.

Our goal is to get you prepared and confident for your tech future. That’s why we offer a range of extra opportunities, such as our 1:1 mentoring sessions with staff to set your expectations and give you LinkedIn tips, as well as a career development session during the course. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in our Hiring Fair, where you can connect with international companies and explore related positions with them.

You’ll become a part of our 30k+ community of passionate women in tech, where you will have the opportunity to network, collaborate, and learn from each other for life! You’ll also be invited to join free masterclasses and events to gain more experience and add to your professional connections.

Get a certificate to showcase your Data Analytics skills

Receive your official certification in our Data Analytics program when you complete your learning and final project at the end of the 10 weeks! We’re a globally recognized tech academy, so you can add this certification to your resume and add your final project to your portfolio to wow your future employers.

A complete, custom learning experience

Our 10-week custom program balances intensive learning with professional development. We prioritize practical learning (70% of the experience) so you can showcase and put into practice your new skills, while receiving personalized support through frequent feedback and mentoring sessions to make the most of your time with us. 

Each week covers a different aspect of Data Analytics, ending with a retrospective session to maximize your learning. Here’s an example of what a typical week looks like:

Tue & Thu from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

6:30pm - 6:45pm
Review previous class concepts

6:45pm - 7:45pm

7:45pm - 8pm

8pm - 9:30pm
Hands-on practice! Now, it’s your turn!​

Saturdays from 9am to 3pm

9am – 9:30am
Review previous class concepts

9:30am – 10am
Stand-up meeting

10am - 2.30pm
Project Work + Individual Mentoring

2.30pm - 3pm
Weekly Retrospective​

Build a portfolio-worthy project

The final project is your chance to showcase everything you’ve picked up in the bootcamp by building your first real-world product case. At the end of the bootcamp, you’ll have an impressive end-to-end project to add to your portfolio as evidence that you can practically apply key skills, techniques, and processes in Data Analytics.

See projects from our graduates

Get to know your industry-leading instructors!

​​Learn from our female experts who have a proven track record of success in Product Management and are committed to empowering other women in the field.

Jovana is a Computational Linguist. She uses her natural language processing (NLP), data analysis, and general linguistic expertise to help improve and optimize language understanding of AI products.

Reyhaneh is a Data Scientist and Natural Language Processing Researcher. Skilled in NLP, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), she is a strong engineering professional with a Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D.

Samanta is a Data Professional with more than 8 years of experience in fields such as Software Analysis and Engineering, Data Science and Product Development. She combines Product & Data Knowledge to identify and run effective analysis that suit product needs.

Blanca is a Computational Linguist working as a NLP Researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, Spain’s leading supercomputing centre, specialized in High Performance Computing.

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Financing options available - Pay in 4 installments!

Next class starts 16 July, 2024

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Questions we get asked a lot

The amount of study time needed outside of class depends on two factors. First, how much work you can complete during class hours (there is usually enough time to finish exercises or work on your individual project throughout the course). Second, the last few weeks of the bootcamp may require an additional 2-3 hours per week, as you’ll be finalizing your project. 

Since 99% of our students have full-time jobs, it’s important that the course does not become too taxing on your busy lives, so we always try to prioritize a flexible learning load.

Since we have students spread all over Europe, we aim to find remote companies for our Hiring Fairs. In this case, we can guarantee that network and career opportunities will be available for every graduate. As a student and, later on, alumna, you will also be part of our extensive international network of women working in tech, which will provide numerous opportunities for networking and collaboration within the community.

The Data Analytics bootcamp offers 120 hours of remote, live classes, while the DA online course has 30 hours of learning through pre-recorded videos, lectures, exercises and podcasts. The bootcamp comes with a Hiring Fair and multiple professional development sessions, which aren’t included in the online courses. In short, the bootcamp is great for women wanting to change careers or looking for a big deep dive, while not having any relevant previous experience. On the other hand, the online course is perfect for those looking to learn more or explore the field without necessarily making a career switch.

Knowledge of English is necessary, but full proficiency isn’t crucial – as long as you can understand and communicate with your peers and instructors, you’ll be fine! Regardless, our team are dedicated to offering you as much support as they can, and will give you additional help when needed.

We’d love to guarantee a job after the course, but it’s ultimately up to you to apply for various positions. We can help with application reviews and portfolio building, and we can provide ongoing support. We continuously post job offers in our community and on our Job Board, and the Hiring Fair connects you with companies seeking female tech talent. It’s crucial to keep adding projects to your portfolio after the bootcamp to be well-prepared for your job search.

We’ve considered this before, but unfortunately, it’s not feasible. Attending classes is crucial for community building and learning support. In the past, missing even a few sessions made it challenging for students when they needed help or had to work on final projects, as teacher assistants weren’t available outside class hours. We’re happy to accommodate missing 2-3 classes, but catching up on all of them isn’t possible.

Unfortunately, you’re not exempt from the VAT payment. VAT is a consumption tax applied to goods and services, and it’s an indirect tax collected by businesses on behalf of the government. Only certain individuals, like freelancers with a tax identification number, may be exempt.

We completely understand that finances can sometimes be an obstacle. We do offer the option to pay in monthly installments with allWomen, starting now or whenever you decide to begin, until the course ends in June or July, depending on the edition you choose.

The course is fully online and remote to accommodate students from all over Europe. However, if you’re in Barcelona, you’re welcome to drop by our campus in Poblenou to meet the allWomen team!

Absolutely! At allWomen, we offer a holistic approach to supporting our students in their job search. During the bootcamp, you will have access to 1:1 mentorship with Daniela, a colleague who will guide you through the process of perfecting your LinkedIn profile, resume, and more. Following the bootcamp, you will participate in two workshops focused on job strategy, featuring a data industry expert.

Additionally, we host a Hiring Fair, where we invite remote Spanish and international companies that are looking for female tech talent to meet our students. We share your portfolio and CV with these companies before the event, so you can make a strong first impression. This fair is a crucial opportunity to connect with potential employers and pave the way for future job opportunities.

To finance your studies with FUNDAE, you will need to inform us whether you will be applying through a company or individually. After you inform us, we will send you the necessary documents to submit to FUNDAE. Once you receive the contract and invoice from us, you can apply for financing through FUNDAE using the invoice and the other documents we provide, which include information about the course and teachers. We have helped other students with this process before, so we can assist you along the way.

While we don’t have direct support for the legal process of obtaining a student visa, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have based on our previous experiences with students who have successfully obtained a student visa. So feel free to ask us anything!

It all depends on which area of tech you would like to go into! Like Data Analytics, the UX/UI bootcamp and Product Management bootcamp offer the same learning and development features, just focused on a different tech role. 

We recommend having a call with our admissions team to talk about your goals and the skills and knowledge you want to learn, and our team can help you decide which bootcamp is right for you. We have a thorough admissions process for all our bootcamp students precisely for this reason, and to ensure that you take the course which is the perfect fit for you.

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