Women have played an important role in building our technology since the start. So why do so many of us still doubt our abilities to make an impact in tech today?

Ada Lovelace, Ana Roqué de Duprey, Katherine Johnson, Lillian Gilbreth, Mary Engle Pennington, Edith Clarke, Wang Zhenyi, the Calutron Girls. 

These are just a few women that have helped to create an incredible history of women in tech that’s often forgotten, overlooked, or not even taught at all. 

Despite women (and many of them women of color) making up some of the most critical human computersengineers, and programmers in history who have helped to create the basis of our world’s technology, we still feel left out of these industries that are driven by the white, male standard.

Here at allWomen, we are obsessed with uncovering what it is that holds women back from challenging this standard and celebrating a history of women in tech by becoming one of them through our tech courses for women.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ll be presenting a new Instagram campaign that’s all about debunking the myths that hold women back from studying tech disciplines.

From the idea that tech is only for people with a background in math or science to seeing these studies as unapproachable, too difficult, or only for tech-type people, we believe that the more we discuss them – the less power they’ll have over us. 

And who better to share these messages than the women who have overcome the myths themselves?

Yep, our students will be sharing their own perspectives on the fears and apprehension they had towards the world of tech and how they conquered them by studying with us. 

Our goal is to help more women understand that their fears, though valid, should not stand in their way of making a career for themselves in their chosen discipline. If this sounds like one of the voices that you’ve confronted in your own head, follow along with us on Instagram over the coming weeks to help debunk them for yourself, too!

Together we can overcome these myths that make us believe tech isn’t for us!