Learn more about Sherezz Grant: TOP 3 Codepen projects

What is the secret to developing really innovative websites or applications? Sherezz Grant, a woman of our community #AllWomen, says that it is essential to be inspired by other projects in order to have interesting references that will allow you to create creative proposals. For her, Codepen, a social development environment for front-end designers and developers, is a good source of inspiration, so today she shares her TOP 3 projects on this platform with everyone. Are you ready?

1) The Last Experience by Gerard Ferrandez

Why: My only experience with HTML Canvas so far has been to build an animated clock, where I got to nerd out using my knowledge of trigonometry. Even that in itself was impressive, but Gerard’s pen takes what you can do with Canvas to extreme levels! His pen is beautiful, albeit a tad creepy with those robots falling down and getting back up! Nevertheless, I can’t wait to get to this Jedi level of coding!



2) 8-bit games music synthesized and played using Web Audio API by Greg Hovanesyan

Why: This pen combines my nostalgia and love of classic games and subtractive synthesis. I love that this pen recreates these famous game themes and shows you which type of oscillators (square/ pulse wave, triangle wave, and noise waveforms) when combined, created the game themes we know and love today.


3) Randomly generate Mondrian Art with CSS Grid + Vue by jh3y

Why: Sure, CSS Grid is still not yet universally supported by all browsers, but the sheer ease and functionality of CSS Grid as seen in a recent article on Medium continue to astound me. This pen is just one example of the power of CSS Grid that so happens to pay homage to one of history’s most important artists, Piet Mondrian. I love how this idea is so simple and yet so addictive. You want to keep replicating Mondrian art again and again!


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