Data Analytics Workshop:
A Taste of Data Visualization

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Are you intrigued by the study of Data Science – but immediately write it off for being ‘too daunting’ or just for ‘tech-type’ people? Our goal is to give you a Taste of Data Visualization with our one hour course on the Foundations of Data Analytics. This practical workshop will give you an opportunity to open yourself up to the possibilities of data without fear or judgement. If you’ve worked in a data discipline but are afraid of code, this is the perfect opportunity to shift your way of thinking by embracing the power of data visualization in your own career. 

Join our Data Analytics Workshop on October 28th at 6pm CET. It will go from 6pm to 7pm CET and no coding experience is required to take it.

How can you participate? Click here and answer the question why you should earn a spot on the form. We will offer 20 spots amongst the best answers. The deadline to submit your answers is October 20th. Winners will be contacted on October 21st by email.

We wish you all the luck! 

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