Data Science
immersive program

Master the whole process of a data scientist.   

Be ready to master the skills of one of the most demanded jobs in technology.  As an allWomen student, you can expect to get the best training on a safe environment – we are proud to say that our programs are made by women, for women 😊 #itmatters


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Immersive bootcamp

< Next edition: 10 weeks. April 27th to July 3rd. Monday to Friday. 9h to 18h. />
At our campus in Barcelona

With the Data Science bootcamp you will learn programming, data analysis, and machine learning from 0 to 100.


What do you get 

400 lecture hours +
Project based individual mentorship. 
Tech labs
Hiring and Demo Day
Career assessment & guidance
Community events every week

“I did this course to transition from academia to industry. I couldn’t have chosen better. You learn everything you need to enter the tech industry in less than 3 month of hard (I am not going to lie!!) but really fascinating work in a fun and caring environment. “ 

Ines Cordón Morillas, Data Science full time graduate, currently working at Alpha. Via Course Report.


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Learning Objectives

It’s hands on. 80% practical, 20% theory. 

Program in python and work with Git & GitHub repositories;

Understand the data science processes (data exploration, preprocessing, building a ML model, performance indicators and error metrics, model optimization);

Smart visualization to transform data into information;

Think critically about data and draw conclusions based on your analysis;

Grasp an understanding of the most commonly used tools in the Industry and learn how to use them to support your needs.



Raquel Garcia
Data Scientist at Bismart & Business Intelligence Consultant

Susana Durán
Guest Lecturer

Celsa Diaz
Lead instructor
Data scientist & Computational Biophysicist

Lauren Romeo
Data Scientist at Zurich

Careers & Hiring

Preparing you for your first job interview and the job market is a priority for us, that’s why we count on Career Advisors and Hiring Partners. 

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