Data Science
part time program

From 0 to Data Scientist: learn python, machine learning and NLP  

Be ready to master the skills of one of the most demanded jobs in technology.  As an allWomen student, you can expect to get the best training on a safe environment – we are proud to say that our programs are made by women, for women 😊 #itmatters

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Part time course

Next edition: September 28th 2020 to March 27th 2021. 24 weeks. Tuesday and Thursday from 18.30h to 21.30h. Saturdays from 9h to 15h />
At our campus in Barcelona

24 weeks, 3 days a week.  We will provide you with the basic skills you need to master in order to work in a data science role and project.


What do you get 

264 guided lecture hours 
Project based individual mentorship. 
Tech labs
Hiring and Demo Day
Career assessment & guidance
Community events every week

“The data science bootcamp, has been truly life-changing for me, not only in terms of technical skills but also making me part of a vibrant community of women.”  

Giovanna Jaramillo Gutierrez, Data Science allWomen graduate via Course Report
New Project

Learning Objectives

It’s hands on. 80% practical, 20% theory. 

Program in python and work with Git & GitHub repositories;

Understand the data science processes (data exploration, preprocessing, building a ML model, performance indicators and error metrics, model optimization);

Smart visualization to transform data into information;

Think critically about data and draw conclusions based on your analysis;

Grasp an understanding of the most commonly used tools in the Industry and learn how to use them to support your needs.



Raquel Garcia
Data Scientist at Bismart & Business Intelligence Consultant

Susana Durán
Guest Lecturer

Celsa Diaz
Lead instructor
Data scientist & Computational Biophysicist

Lauren Romeo
Data Scientist at Zurich

Careers & Hiring

Preparing you for your first job interview and the job market is a priority for us, that’s why we count on Career Advisors and Hiring Partners. 


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