No more fear, judgement, or hesitance: making Data Science and Web Development approachable!

We often hear from women that subjects like Data Science and Web Development seem too dauntingdifficult or technical. Even as we’ve pledged 2021 the year of women in these disciplines, we still hear these fears echoed by them.

This week we decided to stop that train of thought right in its tracks and empower women to give themselves a fair shot with our Masterclasses on both subjects. We ’bout to blow your minds!

Nothing kicks us into action faster than the thought that there are women out there who want to study a tech discipline – but don’t feel as though they are smart enoughqualified enough, or brave enough to take on such an “intimidating” challenge. 

But that’s why allWomen exists: to tell these women that they are enough. And to show them, through our programs, events, and community, that the intelligencepractice, and courage are all there inside of them, waiting to be unlocked. 

That’s why this week we launched three Masterclasses covering the disciplines of Data Science and Web Development to give women the opportunity to open themselves up to these subjects and see that, with a little bit of knowledge, they’re truly not as scary as they seem. 

With our Data Science Masterclass, women got an interactive taste of coding with Python using the example of Spotify hits from 2020. Through a practical application example of Data Science, attendees were given an accessible way to approach code without fearjudgement, or hesitance that one might find elsewhere.

In this environment, we found that the attendees exhibited the spirit of data science by asking questions about the data sets, outcomes and angles. It was exciting to see that they were curious and inquisitive, crucial traits for running code.

Then our Web Development Masterclass gave women the principles of building a web page focused on HTML & CSS with the example of recreating the allWomen website. Over the course of the workshop, attendees went from using web pages to understanding the basis of how to create them, establishing a clear idea of how to build upon these skills in the future. 

If the experience of opening your mind up to these disciplines sounds excitingrewarding, or even challenging (in the good way!), you’re in luck! We’re constantly organizing events just like these ones, so keep your eyes on our channels.


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