Why there are few women in tech departments in startups?

Entrepreneurship and the world of startups, especially in the technology sector, is still a field dominated by men. Only 10% of the founders of technology startups are women and only 5% of the members of technical teams are women. Why there are so few women in tech, while in others departments such as marketing are many female talents?

In my experience as an entrepreneur collaborating and leading marketing and product groups (Zyncro, Red Points, Klikin, Team EQ, Wisar), there were women working in the administrative, sales and marketing departments but it was very difficult to find a woman in the technical department. The only exception was Susana Duran, CTO of Zyncro in of the most important moments of the company, initial phase of growth.

I have always wondered: Where were my female colleagues in the technical departments. Why go through these departments meant to step in a fully masculine environment? Why there were no women in this area?

When I had to build work teams, I was always concerned about diversity, carrying out processes based on competencies and values to have one solid, balanced, complete team… diverse in one word. I remember talking with my CEO, Lluis Font, about one of the strengths of the marketing department of Zyncro was to have such a balanced work team. However, this didn’t happen in tech? Why?

Now that I know AllWomen, I am starting to have data to answer this question. AllWomen is a project that aims to potentialize the development of women in the tech sector. In reality, there are no women in the tech departments in startups, because there are no women in STEM sector! The absence has different reasons, from the education to the lack of women as models to young women and girls. Let us make it visible the few that exist and create new models.

“The Bro Culture and it’s effects on why there’s few women in tech”

In reality, tech sectors are prevailed by a male culture, which has its own jokes, dynamic, and way of communication. At times, even the physical environment itself is masculine. Why would a woman want to be part of this?

Many men in this sector started to realize this reality of “the bro culture”,  in which “Pop culture contributes to the popularization of white male startup success stories. An iconic image of a tech team showcases a striking resemblance to an artillery squad”.

An image is worth more than a thousand words, and this video is related to this male environment. It seems like the women fit this kind of teams?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and here you have a video about it… What do you think? Do you think that women fit into this team?

No, right? So … let’s change it!

Women who want to develop algorithms, who want to create technology products, who want to use a programming language to solve math problems and appreciate data that becomes information. Women in technology #WomenInTech

Are you joining the movement?

Patricia is current the growth leader of AllWomen. Philologist, since university used to spend more time in the informatics course than in LETRAS. Her professional dedication always had been connected to technologic projects, she was “the LETRAS freak that knew about CODIGO FONTE”. In 2011, Patricia started to collaborate with entrepreneur projects and since then she had worked with more than 20 startups increasing the growth of products, projects, and companies. Now she passionately works in AllWomen leading one growth strategy based on content marketing, branding and the storytelling “machine friendly” to boost the women role in the tech sector.

Main photo credit: HBO

Translation of “Por qué en las startups hay mujeres en marketing y en los departamentos técnicos no?”, written by Patricia Fernández Carrelo.


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AllWomen is the evolution of FutureFunded.co.
Thanks for coming all the way along.

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