Celebrate Women’s Day – but remember there’s still a ways to go!

Every year when March 8th rolls around, we prepare ourselves for the inevitable surge of emotion that washes over us on this powerful day.

A day when badass women come together to pass on the message: we are intelligent, strong, deserving, and prepared to show how much we care

Thanks to days like this, women around the world are beginning to learn that it’s cool to be a feminist and that our goals for equality are not only meaningful – but justified.  

But on Women’s Day, it’s important to keep in mind that they are still goals. As empowered as we may feel on this day, we have to bring that empowerment into the rest of our lives, into each of our interactions, and into every moment that feels unjust or unequal

That’s our mission here at allWomen. It’s why we’ve built a community of women who can love and support each other every day of the year.

So this year, join us in showing the world what we’re made of by enjoying every moment of it.

Laugh, cry, yell, cheer, chant, & march.

But remember that it’s not just important to do so this week. We challenge you to make it your responsibility to carry on this energy of empowerment into your everyday life.

Women’s Day may be for us – but so is every day that comes after that! 

Carry through the Women’s Day energy into your daily life by joining the allWomen community!

If you’re interested in empowering yourself to enter the world of tech (and have a positive influence on the gender gap) then consider joining one of our Data Science, UX Design, or Product Management courses.

Get it, girl!


AllWomen is the evolution
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AllWomen is the evolution of FutureFunded.co.
Thanks for coming all the way along.

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