Chatbots & AI: The first workshop of AllWomen Academy

A few years ago saying that chatbots were going to help us choose the right clothes according to the weather, organize the ideal itinerary for your next vacation or make a reservation at a restaurant for your birthday made us think of a science fiction movie. Today this is a reality! 🤖🖐🏼

Personal assistants based on artificial intelligence are here to stay, so they were the protagonists of the first AllWomen Academy workshop! In this post we will tell you more about the two intense sessions of Chatbots & AI for Marketing, Communication and Customer Success, a course led by women and for women.

Chatbots & AI for Marketing, Communication and Customer Success

On July 11 and 12, twelve women gathered at MOB to learn with Susana Duran, leader of the Mobile & Bots Center of Excellence of Sage, EVERYTHING about chatbots. Through a chronological tour and a review of key concepts, they discovered how they work, what are the myths and truths of this type of technology, why it is important to include it in a business strategy, what tools should be used, what process to follow and much more.

AI and the concept of Diversity

How do the concepts of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Diversity relate to each other? Susana launched the question to the assistants and a small debate began among the #womenintech.

In the midst of the opinions, many coincided in the fact that when designating a genre for an artificial intelligence (as is the case of the famous Siri or Cortana), the person who created him defines his personality and the role he must fulfill in a certain situation.

Regarding this topic, did you know that Barbie also has a chatbot included? Mattel has developed Hello Barbie, a version of the famous doll that is able to participate in a dialogue with predetermined answers If you did not know, look how it works.

Steps to create chatbots

Susana shared the 4 steps that must be followed to create a chatbot:

1. Functionality: It is essential that we define what action we want it to take. That is, you must have a clear goal. In addition, we must take into consideration details such as the audience to which we are going, the country, the language, among others.

2. Channel: We must establish if the chatbot will communicate with the end user through Skype, Messenger, Slack, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. For example, remember the chatbots that were presented at Google IO? Google Assistant started a call and did 2 types of reservations – with attitudes and behavior very similar to the human ones. You can see the video in this link.

3. Personality: Here we must answer questions like: does it represent a character or is it the same brand? Does it have a name? How does it look like? Will clients feel identified with him or her?

4. Technology: There are different tools in the network that can help us to create the prototype of the ideal chatbot we need for our project.

Chatbots: It’s time to do it!

Chatbots that help to answer recurring questions about cybersecurity, sell tickets in a tourism sector platform, organize activities within a shopping center are just some of the projects mentioned by the workshop participants.

Now it’s time to test everything learned and to continue innovating with their technological proposals. Keep creating, #womenintech!

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