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Want to invest in your career but don’t have the funds to cover it?

At allWomen, we don’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions 💗 We build long-term partnerships that help us create new opportunities and offer suitable alternatives to help you achieve your professional goals and reach your full potential! 🤩

So, don’t miss out on becoming the tech professional you were born to be! Here are all the financing options currently available for our bootcamps below! 👇

Finance your bootcamps with allWomen 🦸‍♀️

We’ve made sure that our flexible funding options are available to all AW students across the globe! In fact, we already have a ton of AW graduates who have completed their bootcamps with the financial support they needed 💗Why not speak to our graduates to find out about their experiences? 

👉Zero interest loan 

Finance your bootcamp with allWomen at zero interest! Our loan offer allows you to split up your bootcamp payments on a monthly basis for a more affordable, manageable payment option. 

We provide a loan term until the final day of your bootcamp, and you can start paying monthly as soon as you enroll with no upfront payment or additional costs. This means that the earlier you register, the more installments you have to spread your payments over!

For more information about our zero-interest loan offer, book a call with our career advisor!

Fund your bootcamps with your employer 💼

👉Ask for employer sponsorship 

Why not ask your employer to invest in your future? As an allWomen student, we can help you receive tuition reimbursements from your employer as part of their annual training budget. Need help preparing a valuable sponsorship proposition for your employer? Check out this blog post on our top 3 tips for landing a training budget!

Finance your bootcamps with other organizations 🌍

👉FUNDAE – Spain only 

To finance your studies with FUNDAE, you will first need to inform us whether you will be applying through a company or individually. We will then send you the necessary documents to submit to FUNDAE.

Once you receive the contract and invoice from us, you can apply for financing through FUNDAE using the invoice and the other documents we provide, including information about the course and teachers! 

We have helped many other students with this process before, so we can assist you along the way. Learn more about the FUNDAE option here.

👉Sequra – Spain only 

Sequra is offering the chance for AW students to receive funding covering the full price of their chosen course through a seamless process. You will need a DNI/NIE to be eligible for the funding and must pay it back over 18 installments.

For more information about the Sequra funding option, book a call with our careers advisor!

👉Bcas – Spain only 

Bcas currently offer a financing plan to start one of our bootcamps without paying upfront or taking out a loan!

Bcas will initially cover your bootcamp payment. Then, through an income share agreement (ISA), you pay a fixed percentage (14%) of your income over a set period of time once you have found a job in your tech field. With an ISA, you are completely protected, as you only start making payments when your income is above the minimum threshold.

Book a call with our career advisor to learn more about the Bcas financing plan and how to start your application process. 

👉Knoma – UK only 

With Knoma, you can study now and pay later. By enrolling in one of our courses, you can hit ‘Pay with Knoma’ at checkout to spread your tuition out over a maximum of 10 months

As an official AW partner, Knoma is pleased to offer our students simple installments and zero interest or fees. When you have selected a bootcamp, choose the repayment schedule that works best for you and complete your purchase!

Check out the Knoma payment option here!

Let us help you find the best financing option! ✨

Want to start the process? It’s a good idea to decide on the bootcamp you wish to enroll in. Click on the links below to learn more about each of our bootcamps and their next start dates!

✍️UX/UI Design Bootcamp 

📊Data Analytics Bootcamp 

👩‍💻Product Management Bootcamp  

Making sure you have the right funding option for your chosen bootcamp is super important. That’s why we highly recommend that you schedule a call with our career coach to evaluate your financial needs and find the option that suits you best.