Train, hire and access female talent by allWomen

Meet any company’s current challenges: qualify your team for the tech future needs and lead the race for diversity.

Bring your team to the next level: invest in tech education and face the future!

By partnering with allWomen you are not only betting in the next female talent that the industry needs but also in the most prepared talent.

Our students are equipped with the required technical skills that your company needs and moreover with an strategic and goal oriented set up. Our program students are trained by female experts that have excel in their professional careers.   

Join us with our different trainings and prepare your company to led the future in tech and diversity. Become a role model within the tech sector.  

< Training in tech @allWomen >

Train your female employees through our immersive AI program, or our part time User Experience and Product Management courses.
The digital transformation and the technological revolution require having a
prepared, autonomous and empowered team. By training your employees you are also investing on your retention strategy an important challenge facing companies today.

< On demand / in company>

Our team of female experts will designed tailored trainings to fit your company’s needs is AI, UX and PM or any specific tech topic, framework or tool training that you are in need to excel. Reskill your team with today’s tech challenges. Length, schedule and location will we adapted in accordance to your requirements. In company trainings are mix and directed to your entire team.

Be part of our community of tech female talent

Through our online and offline platforms, we shape an international community of +6000 women in tech. We partner up with companies that share our values in order to grow, nurture, and strengthen our community. Access our community of tech female talent by collaborating with us and position yourself as a relevant employer brand.

Reach & Attract

Companies that are aligned to our mission have the opportunity to share relevant projects, job positions, opportunities, and announcements with our online and offline communities.

We design amazing events and experiences in collaboration with your team by facilitating relevant content, network scenarios, and future projects. Explore an opportunity to scout out the talents that your company needs.

< Boost your brand events>

Do you want to impact our community? Become an important player within the tech sector? Be a role model in diversity? We will create a personalised event to position your organisation as an ally for women in tech.

< Hiring events>

Share with ur your positions to fill and aspirations and together we will imagine the best format and content to achieve your goals while maximizing the exposure of your brand. 

< Powered by >

Sponsor one of our courses or lets build a course in a topic relevant to your company. Position yourself as a responsible company and access potential talent. 3 to 20 hour workshop focusing on innovative technical topics such as blockchain, chatbots, artificial intelligence, data analysis, user experience etc.



When connected to our talent pool, we create opportunities for business to hire talen from within our students and our community. We match our talents with the workspaces who are in need for them.

– Become a
hiring partner (a wide talent database, intership program and many more advantages).
– Take part of our
hiring days.
– With our referral program we can match you with talent in our community

We are your ally for an holistic transformation of your organization’s diversity.

Companies that invest in diversity have shown
improvements in their employee engagement, increases in productivity, profits and creativity and additionally has reflected positively in the company’s reputations.

In order to bring awareness to the workspace, we design and deliver workshops on gender diversity. Our team of expert facilitators give space for fruitful conversations on topics such as the development of feminist technologies, internal/external communication strategies, and diversity policies.

 < Diversity co-creation sessions >

To nurture diversity in the workspace, we will design a 4 hours workshop and training session together with your team on gender diversity and its impact on business. Bring the discussion and empower your teams, improve the workspace atmosphere and make your company more attractive to future talent.

Tech needs women – Here is why.

Download our Toolkit a white paper created by the allWomen team and that presents the challenges and opportunities for women in the tech sector and how companies should address it.


More than 100 corporate and individual partners have trusted and contributed to our mission.

👉SheStartup – Banc Sabadell / a successful story/ We designed an event for Banc Sabadell and its startups (Badi, Holaluz, Adsmurai…) A journey to connect with female talent in the search of a new job opportunity. +500 inscriptions and +300 participants. Play video here.

👉SheHacks – Caixa Bank / hacking has never been so diverse/ In march 2018 we designed the event for ImaginCafe (CaixaBank). More than +200 girls and women came to learn about tech (VR, coding, data analysis and science).  Play video here.

👉Phython for all: an scholarship by Badi / The startup Badi offered 6 scholarships for women to learn from our course: Python for Business Analytics. 50 women from different professional backgrounds applied in only one week. + info

👉Reto Atrápalo : women in tech / designed by allWomen to attract female developers for the “University” program of the company. 40 women applied, 10 were selected to participate in the challenge, 2 were hired by the company. + info

👉SheHacks adidas / we created an event with adidas to find senior  profiles for their Digital Hub in Zaragoza. We achieved to build a very successful campaign that attract a lot of attention from media and candidates. 38 women applied, 20 were selected to participate in an ad-hoc event with valuable content for women and day-trip to Zaragoza. + info