Let’s take a moment to think about what creating a positive User Experience really entails. 🤔

There are a host of aspects to consider: the physical product, the human interface design, the language used, even the instructions manual that guides the user through the whole process.

UX Design is often over-simplified as the process of getting users from Point A to Point B in a clear and concise way. But we mustn’t over-simplify the multitude of roles that come into play when designing the overall user experience.

For that reason, Donald Norman came up with the term ‘UX Design’ in the first place.

“I invented the term because I thought human interface and usability were too narrow. I wanted to cover all aspect’s of the person’s experience with the system including industrial design graphics, the interface, the physical interaction, and the manual.”Donald Norman

But what do all of these moving parts mean for you and your career in UX?

It means that when you choose to study UX design, you also get to decide which side of UX want to pursue.

From user experience to user interface to UX architecture, interaction design, UX writing and more, you have options within the user experience sector that will let you tailor your interests into your future career.

And part of studying UX design is learning what the best option is for you. It’s time to jump in and get started!

To pique your interest, Sandy Lu, Customer Experience Lead at Nacar Design Studio, put together a profile quiz for the allWomen community! Now, you can test your abilities to understand the different UX profiles, while having a closer look at which one best fits your passions and skills…

How do you think you did? And, more importantly, do you feel like you fit into any of the profiles?

If you’re still not sure, we’d love to help you. At allWomen, our UX design courses are the perfect opportunity for you to fine-tune your future goals while learning the ropes of every side of UX.

In our tech trainings, you’ll learn the basics of building cohesive and positive user experiences in a space where you can explore those new skills through your own personal projects.

Plus, you’ll leave with a clear idea of how to use your passion for different sectors – like education, the environment, or whatever interests you – within your career in UX.

Does this sound interesting to you? Are you ready to start a career in UX design?

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