It’s officially 2024! 🥳 We hope you’re having a wonderful start to the new year! 💜 The time has come to set your goals for the year ahead. Whether you’ve already started goal setting or are prepping right now, we have a serious (but loving) reminder for you: 

Goals without plans are just wishes.

If you really want to achieve your goals in 2024, you need to think SMART. By using the SMART framework for goal setting, you can build a solid roadmap to success that will make your goals actually achievable. And we want 2024 to be your most successful year yet! 😍

Here’s a quick guide on setting SMART goals for 2024, and as an extra incentive to kickstart your goals, here’s a very special discount code to get 40% off all our online courses in January! 🙌

Did you know that 23% of people quit their goals by the end of the first week?! A great way to combat this is by learning how to create the right goal at the right time. 

SMART Objectives

SMART is a framework used to help you set clear, actionable, and attainable goals. Each letter represents an important element of your goal. Let’s take a look at what each letter means and how you can use it to create yours! 👇

S = Specific 🔍

Try to avoid any general statements. Goals should be clear and specific, defining exactly what you want to accomplish. The more precise your goal, the easier it is to know exactly how you can achieve it! 

Example: “I want to get a better job” 👉“I want to land a Data Analyst position in a remote-only company”

M = Measurable 📈

Make sure your goal has something you can actually measure. Tracking your progress not only lets you know exactly how far you have to go, but also provides a great source of motivation!

Example: “I’ll get my Data Analyst certification in the first 3 months of the year and then apply to 4 positions per month”

A = Achievable 💪

Create a goal that pushes you to reach greater heights but isn’t too unrealistic. Finding this balance is key. Don’t forget to evaluate your capabilities and resources to determine what is actually possible (such as previous experiences, finances, or time). 

Example: “I’ve already done some data analysis tasks and have a good background fit for this role, but I lack the specific knowledge and skills required.”

R = Relevant 💫

Make sure your goals align with your overall purpose or long-term objectives. Does it help you get further towards your final destination? Or is it actually a distraction? Make sure it fits in with your other plans. 

Example: “Getting a Data Analyst position in a remote company will fulfill my desire to love my job and have a good work-life balance”

T = Time-bound ⏰

Your goals should have a specific deadline in which you have to complete it. This creates a sense of urgency and helps you prioritize exactly what needs to be done to achieve it on time.

Example: “I want to land the Data Analyst position by December 2024”

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