34 new women in tech + a brand new space for them

Here at allWomen, a tech academy designed specifically for more women to enter the tech industry, we love getting back into the groove and rhythm of the work-week routine. We find it quite soothing – after long breaks – to kick ourselves into high-gear, channeling our refreshed determination into our weekly, monthly, and lifetime goals. 

How do you ensure that you’re getting into the groove of the week? 

Sometimes, it’s just about taking a few extra minutes at the weekend to make sure you’re starting the week out right. For example, meal preps, calendar crunching, or taking some time to focus yourself with physical activity. 

These may seem small, but they really can help you build the stamina you need to reach those big goals. 

We’ve definitely reaped the rewards of this kind of motivation: we’re making major leaps in our goals by bringing 34 more women into the tech space across Data Science, UX Design, and Product Management this quarter. 

That’s 34 more women bringing their thoughts, perspective, and fresh ideas to the future of our technology. All moving forward with their own interests at heart, they’ve selected the pathway that’s the best fit for them…

UX Design: 12 women

Product Management: 8 women

Data Science Part Time: 7 women

Data Science Full Time: 7 women

Plus, we recently opened up a new office to accomodate our growing base of students, as seen above! It’s still located in MOB Caterina (to keep our community close), but we like to think of it as a brand new space that our students can make their own. 

Built for them, by them. 

Classes started this January, with the rest following in February. Take a look at the ladies of UX Design, who started their journeys this week into creating better, more diverse user experiences.

Speaking with each of our upcoming tech leaders, it’s clear that this year promises to bring a fresh onsalught of interesting projects, lessons, challenges and – by the end of it all – jobs in the tech market!

And how about you?

Have you gotten back into your work-week routine? Or are you interested in exploring a new routine in a new industry with amazing ladies like the ones above?

If you’d like to channel your refreshed determination into a career in a new field of growing opportunity, reach out! We’d love to continue to support your goals, as we support our own goal: closing the gender gap in tech. 


AllWomen is the evolution
of FutureFunded.co.
Thanks for coming all the
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AllWomen is the evolution of FutureFunded.co.
Thanks for coming all the way along.

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