allWomen’s Summer Remote and On-Campus Intensive Courses

Our new intensive remote and on-campus courses are an opportunity to use the summer to enter a new field of study or upscale your current profile

Invest the summer months into your future career by studying Machine LearningData AnalyticsProduct Management, or UX/UI Design with allWomen – no matter where you are in the world. 

allWomen is determined to give our community the opportunity to make the most of their summer, which is why we’re rolling out 4 summer intensive courses that will be offered both remotely and on-campus in Barcelona.  

With our courses, you can get yourself prepared for September with new skills or even a whole new career. It’s an opportunity to not only make good use of the summer but to do it surrounded by a community of women who are here to help you succeed in tech

With that, we’d like to introduce you to the allWomen summer intensive course offerings for women in tech…

Machine Learning Advanced Intensive Remote and On-Campus

Data Analysis IntensiveRemote and On-Campus

Product Management Intensive Remote and On-Campus

UX/UI Design IntensiveRemote and On-Campus

Come learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning together with the key steps in transforming data into answers by means of predictive modeling. This course is for women who already know about Data Science and/or come from a STEM background and want to learn more about predicting the future with algorithms!

Expose yourself to the fundamentals of Data Analysis with the key steps in transforming data into answers. This course is for any woman who is interested in learning more about how to manage and get more information from data – no matter her industry or background!

Take the summer to go through the whole cycle of becoming a great Product Manager, and learn how to effectively bring new products and experiences to market. This course is for women who want to bolster new skills while learning how to be Product Managers!

Learn a UX/UI design mindset that will challenge how you approach problem-solving and help streamline your creative process. This course is for women who want to take on the world of UX/UI design with new skills and projects!

Each course is 100 hours4 hours per day, 5 days a week and will be offered both remotely and on-campus.

Join us – we’d love to have you, lady!


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Thanks for coming all the way along.

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