When it comes to your tech studies…are you a Shifter or a Booster? Meet Adriana and Ines to find out!

At allWomen, where we empower and support women through each stage of their tech journey, we often see two profiles of students that join our classes: Shifters and Boosters

The Shifters take our courses to start a career in a new discipline and the Boosters upgrade a career that they already have with new skills. Which category do you fall into?

Whether their actively changing careers to enter the tech realm or interested in elevating the tech training that they already have with new skills, allWomen is here to support women through any stage of their journey. 

So to give you a better example of our Shifters and Boosters model, we’d like to present both of these profiles to our community through the experiences of two of our amazing alumna… 


Adriana Jover worked in the fast-moving industry of Events Production for 15 years – but she always had her eye on the tech industry. When she finally felt ready to make the career shift, she came to study Product Management with allWomen. 

She often wondered about what would happen if she changed careers. In her own words: “Many questions popped into my head: my age, being a junior profile, coming from another industry, from another country, etc.” But in the end, her fascination with tech inspired her to take the leap. 

Though it was a big transition to make, she felt that: “Sharing a space with other students in a similar situation and learning from professionals with real experience in the industry made the difference. The course with allWomen gave me the self-confidence and the knowledge I needed to face interviews and think of myself as a ‘Junior’ Product Owner.”

And it paid off – now, she’s working as a Product Owner for Ubeeqo. Talk about a successful career shift!


Ines Vilar spent most of her career adjacent to Data Science working as a Business Analyst, where – as she puts it – she was often pulled into the world of Big Data without necessarily realizing the full potential and limitations of data related technologies.    

Eventually, she became aware that she didn’t want to talk about these technologies as if there were: “some kind of magic created by ‘techies.'”

She told us: “My work and career progression started to feel constrained by the fact that I was relying solely on Excel as my main tool for data analysis. I realised I needed to develop new skills if I wanted to keep working in technology, so I started doing Python courses online. I quickly developed a taste for programming, it was fun, challenging and extremely rewarding and addictive. I started thinking this new interest could lead to more than just another skill on my CV, and I could be in for a serious career change. That’s when I came across the Data Science bootcamp at allWomen.” 

Only a few days after presenting her final project with allWomen, she applied and landed a Digital Operations Engineer position at BMAT Music Innovators. You can definitely call that career boosting!

Whichever profile you feel like you fit into, allWomen is here to support your unique journey. Talk to our team about your interests, questions, or concerns related to shifting or boosting your career! And we’ll help you each step of the way.  

I’d like to speak with the admissions team!

If you’re interested in shifting into a career in tech or up-skilling one that you already have, join one of our summer courses in Machine Learning AdvancedData AnalyticsProduct Management, or UX/UI Design!

We’d love to have you. 


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AllWomen is the evolution of FutureFunded.co.
Thanks for coming all the way along.

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