Data Science scholarships for women in Barcelona

If you dream of a career switch but aren’t sure how to make it happen, allWomen is happy to share that we provide Data Science scholarships to deserving women to attend our courses in Barcelona.

Apply to attend the April edition of our Data Science Immersive for 80% off the total tuition with our ‘Women in Data’ Scholarship.

These efforts are part of our overall mission to provide more opportunities for women looking to enter the world of tech.

Our ‘Women in Data’ Scholarship gives 5 prospective students 80% off of the total tuition of the April and September editions of our Data Science Immersive courses.

This data science scholarship is intended for women who have the drive and vision to develop Data and AI driven solutions – but lack the funds to get started in this field.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “That’s me, that’s me!” then we’re currently accepting applications for our April 2020 Data Science immersive. This course will run from April 27th until July 3rd at the allWomen campus in Barcelona.

Deadline to apply is February 23! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upscale your career in an inclusive and welcoming female-forward environment.

But if April timing doesn’t fit your current schedule, consider our September edition. You can keep track of all of the updates regarding our September data science scholarships here.

So if you’re a woman with the desire to help build the world’s next algorithms and Artificial Intelligence through machine-learning, then explore this scholarship option for yourself.

We promise – data science is not as mysterious and difficult as it seems! If you’re interested, challenge yourself with allWomen.

Plus, we’re always on the hunt for like-minded companies that are interested in seeing more women enter the tech space, so that we can create more opportunities of this nature. If you’re a company with this goal, join us in providing more scholarships for women in data science!


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