Learning Scrum between women

On November 7 and 8, six women gathered at the MOB to learn from Female Expert Irene Amo, Product Owner of ViscaWeb, about Scrum and how it increases performance in teamwork. In this post, the participants share their experiences about Scrum, how to increase performance, a Tech specialization course led by women for women at AllWomen Academy.
Learning Scrum

The agile methodology

The first evening starts with a theoretical introduction to different Agile methodologies. Back in 2001, seventeen software developers created the Agile Manifesto, to explain the agile methodology and its core values and principles. Agile consists of 12 principles that can be summed up by four core values:
  • Individual interactions over process and tools
  • Working software rather than thorough documentation
  • Collaboration with the customer instead of contract negotiations
  • More than following a plan, respond to change.
This methodology has since then become the main strategy for many tech teams.

What is Scrum?

One of the most popular agile methodologies in the modern tech industry is Scrum:
Scrum is an agile way to manage a project, mostly used in software development.
After a short Scrum and Agile introduction, key concepts, main values, and key roles in Scrum were discussed. Although the first evening was mainly theoretical, the female participants did not hesitate to ask questions and share their experiences about Scrum.


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AllWomen is the evolution of FutureFunded.co.
Thanks for coming all the way along.

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