Student Financing: study Data Science with allWomen now and pay for your course once you’ve landed a job!

As an all-female tech academy, we’re about giving opportunities to a diverse group of people who, up until now, had fewer opportunities and more disadvantages when entering the world of tech. Our mission is to constantly look for new ways to achieve this goal.

This includes scouring for new ways to finance the allWomen courses to help women with fewer resources succeed in tech. That’s why we’ve partnered with Student Finance to give women who wish to study Data Science the opportunity to attend our courses without paying upfront or taking out a loan.

Through an Income-Share Agreement, students will start paying back tuition once they’re earning. Giving you an opportunity to focus on the present and let your future tech career pay it forward.

It’s a way of levelling the playing field, enabling women who are unable to fund their studies the opportunity to invest in their future careers now.

If this sounds like an intriguing opportunity for funding your Data Science career, read along! We’ll take you through all of the steps to starting your dream career now and funding it when you can.

What is the process?

  1. Complete the following form to apply for the Student Financing opportunity.
  2. The allWomen admissions team will evaluate your profile and contact you if you are eligible.
  3. Once you are accepted by our school, Student Finance will reach out to you and evaluate your candidacy from a financial point of view. It is essential to have a Spanish ID (DNI or NIE).
  4. Sign a contract with Student Finance and you’re good to go!

Please note that there’s a commitment few of 2.085€ if you are selected.

How does it work?

Through an Income-Share Agreement (ISA), you will pay a fixed percentage of your income over a set period of time instead of paying your tuition upfront or getting a loan. You only start making payments when your income is above the minimum threshold.

Your monthly payments will be based on your income, so you only pay what you can afford! Plus, the total payment is always capped, so no matter how much you get paid – you will never pay more than the capped amount.

So, there’s no excuses for getting your career going now! If you have the dream of becoming a Data Scientist, then make it happen with us today.

You can find even more information about this process on the Student Finance website.


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