Tech is shaping our future, and we are ready to take the lead in creating it.

It’s time to give space for tech designed by all and for all.

We don’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions, so we make space for what’s non-binary and all of its transformations along the way.

We are for every woman – from body, soul, and mind.

More than doing things alone, we’d rather build alliances to create new scenarios.

Using a common language makes it easier to find solutions together.

We believe in plural, collective, and diverse communities.

Everything is connected.

We have a thing for solving problems and we are not afraid to use data for good.

We know the impact of bringing new things into the world.

We care about the next generations and we want to be the heroines in shaping the new futures for them.

We know the strength behind a line of code and the exponential power of an algorithm.

We are the space where women and tech go well together and we are ready to bring change.

We want experiences that shows us the infinite between 0 and 1.

There is a place where your code follows your rules and it becomes your voice to bring social change.

We are the 50% who is ready to click with tech.

We are allWomen.