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Meet the people and the community who make this shift possible:

The Core Team

AllWomen - Laura Fernandez Gimenez black and white

Laura Fernández

CEO and Co-Founder

AllWomen - Cecilia Tham black and white

Cecilia Tham


AllWomen - Patricia Fernandez Carrelo black and white

Patricia Fernández

Growth & Mkt Leader

AllWomen - Ana Metz black and white

Ana Metz

Communication Leader

AllWomen - Sabrina Yarlequé black and white

Sabrina Yarlequé

Community Maker

AllWomen - Belen Saralegui black and white

Belén Saralegui

Design & Art Direction

AllWomen - Sherezz Grant black and white

Sherezz Grant



Nina Ordeig

Mkt & Communication

People & Community

The Advisory Board

AllWomen - Regina Llopis black and white

Regina Llopis

President of AIA

AllWomen - Susana Duran black and white

Susana Duran

Director of Engineering Mobile & Bots at Sage

AllWomen - Alberto Betella black and white

Alberto Betella

CTO at Alpha Health

AllWomen - Eduardo Peire black and white

Eduardo Peire

AI Consultant and Head of AI Scope

Instructors, experts and mentors:

AllWomen - Alaitz Blanquer B&N

Alaitz Blanquer

HR Director at CDmon


Maria A. Polo

Product leader

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Aida Nogués

UX/UI & Visual Designer en RebelMouse

Paz Perez

Paz Perez

Product & UX Designer

AllWomen - Montserrat Guardia B&N

Montserrat Guardia

Digital Director at Banc Sabadell

AllWomen - Oscar Mejias B&N

Oscar Mejías

HR Director at AIA

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Irene Amo

Product Owner at Visca Web


Gloria Langreo

UX Team Lead at XING E-Recruiting​

AllWomen - Violeta Mezeklieva black and white

Violeta Mezeklieva

Academy Leader


Celsa Diaz

Data scientist & Computational Biophysicist

Julia Lozano - AllWomen - Product Management part-time course

Julia Lozano

Product Management Expert


Raquel Garcia

Data Scientist at Bismart & Business Intelligence Consultant

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