Pivot career

Thinking about shifting toward an entirely new career? 🤔 Although it might feel like a challenging next step, it could be one of the most beneficial and rewarding choices that you will ever make! 

We know that it can be a pretty overwhelming and complex process if you’re not quite sure where to start. Luckily, this is the sort of thing we’ve been working hard to help you achieve, and we like to think we’ve perfected it!🤩

If you’re looking to pivot your career soon, it’s a good idea to start putting in the work now. Here’s our simple, 4-step guide to shifting careers that you can put into practice right now! 

1. Assess your current situation 👀

First things first, you need to assess where you are now and where exactly you want to be. Having a thorough understanding of this is crucial for your next steps. Plus, having a specific new role in mind will make the entire process a lot more streamlined. Find out the answers to key questions like:

  • What are my main strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are my transferable skills?
  • Is there any crossover between my current role and my ideal role?
  • Which new or existing skills do I need to develop the most? 
  • What type of education or training will get me there the quickest?

We know that personal evaluation can be tricky! That’s why we recommend speaking with a career advisor or development coach. Not only can they provide an objective standpoint, but they will also have the knowledge and resources to guide you to the right path! 

Pssst! Career coaches can be expensive, but at allWomen, you can schedule a quick session for free! We’ll help assess your career goals and current experience and help you choose the right career path and course for you. 

 2. Get formal training 💪

When it comes to pivoting careers, getting dedicated formal training is your best bet to get you to the professional level and experience you need to be. You’ll need something that not only builds up your skills and techniques but also gives you first-hand experience of what your ideal career will entail. 

Yep, you guessed it, our AW bootcamps do all of the above and more! Learning directly from industry experts, you’ll receive the immersive, real-world training needed to get you fully prepared to enter a new role. 

Here are the bootcamps you can choose from – click on the links to find out more about each program and the next start dates!:

✍️UX/UI Design Bootcamp 

📊Data Analytics Bootcamp 

👩‍💻Product Management Bootcamp 

 3. Start networking 🤝

Networking and connecting with professionals already in your future career is the most productive way to find out exactly what you can do to get in that area yourself. Find out their employment history, what they consider their most valuable skills, and ask them what they think got them to where they are now. 

Although LinkedIn is a go-to for corporate networking, try to find more niche communities and groups tailored toward your career shift. We have a 30k+ community of women in tech who share their experiences on a daily basis! Plus, you can speak to our graduates to find out about their experiences!

4. Enhance your resume and portfolio ✨

It’s all well and good doing the training and development you need to pivot your career, but are you effectively showcasing all your hard work in your CV and portfolio? Often, this is the first impression a future employer has of you, so you need to make it count, especially when you’re entering an entirely new profession. 

Our bootcamps provide development sessions with industry experts that inspire ways to enhance your resume for specific roles, as well as final, real-world projects designed to be added to your portfolio. 

Want to see the high-quality work our graduates have accomplished in their bootcamps? Check them out here!

Top tip: Our bootcamps are your one-stop shop to achieve your well-deserved career pivot!

Our bootcamps are specifically designed for career pivots, including all the services and resources you need to carry out the 4-step guide above! 

Want to join our next edition of bootcamps? Schedule a quick call with our admissions team to talk about your career pivot, professional goals, and chosen bootcamp, and we’ll get you enrolled!