Year-long learning, unlimited

The allWomen Plus Membership!

Expand your learning experience in the most affordable way with our annual membership. Get unlimited access to our entire online course catalog and 3 cohorts of your choice to become a real pro in tech!

Year-long learning, unlimited


The allWomen Plus Membership is your affordable, accessible way to access all you need to develop and upskill in the most sought-after areas of tech. Get unlimited access to our self-paced online course catalog, master your chosen professional path with 3 development cohorts, and be part of our community, events, and more!

Our membership grants you year-long access to hundreds of hours of learning, development cohorts, mentoring, and support – everything you need for the ultimate upskilling experience! Pay the yearly fee of just €749 until 31/10 (usually 999€/year), and you’ll be able to access all of this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

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You will get unlimited access to all 8 of our online course materials, plus enrollment in 3 cohorts based on your chosen professional path. You’ll also have access to our allWomen community, communications, exclusive events, and more!

  • Access to our entire online course catalog
  • Choice of 3 cohorts to master a specific field
  • 240h+ of self-paced learning
  • Live sessions with industry experts
  • Dedicated support through Slack
  • Lifetime access to our 30k+ community

AllWomen Plus is designed to be the ultimate upskilling opportunity to level up your knowledge, skills, and experience in almost every field in tech. This membership is great for: 

  • Upskillers: Professionals who are established in their current careers and want to take them to the next level by adding complementary skills to their resumes. 
  • Reskillers: Professionals who are looking to pivot from their current careers and want to gain new skills and experiences to find and enter a new and exciting role in tech.
  • Unlimited access to entire online course catalog
  • Access to 3 cohorts of your chosen fields
  • Groups starting monthly
  • Mentoring and dedicated support

Choose your professional path

Become a master in your ideal tech field with our professional paths. Each path consists of 3 complementary cohorts that combine to create the most comprehensive learning path. These cohorts launch on a monthly basis, so you can also choose how to schedule each one over the course of the year.

Feel ready to enter the world of data with the Data professional path. Join our cohorts in Data Analytics, Data Analytics for Business (SQL), and Leadership & Communication Skills for the perfect combination of data-related hard skills, sought-after soft skills, and expert-led insights needed to excel as a professional and leader in the data field.

Fast-track your design career with the Design professional path. Choose from 3 of our cohorts in UX Research, UI Design, UX Writing, and Leadership & Communication Skills cohort for a complete combination of design-related hard skills, sought-after soft skills, and expert-led insights needed to become a design professional and leader in tech.

Enter your dream product career with the Product professional path. Join our cohorts in Product Management, Product Strategy, and Leadership & Communication Skills for a full-rounded exploration of product-related hard skills, sought-after soft skills, and expert-led insights needed to succeed as a professional and leader in the product field.

Looking to forge your own unique professional path? AllWomen Plus makes it possible! Mix and match 3 of our 8 cohorts to find the perfect combination of learning that gets you exactly where you want to be in the world of tech.
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A must-have foundation for anyone getting into UXR or considering conducting more UX research as a part of their day-to-day. I think the content is clear, concise, and relevant with pragmatic examples that tell enough of a story to keep you engaged, but not so much that your mind wanders. Joining the AllWomen community, having live sessions with experts, and accessing a great variety of content made this a fun and useful course.
Ps. Highly recommend you to join the AW Slack community, and check out their actionable, insightful content and events/conferences.

The UI Design Foundation course is very well structured. Besides all the detailed explanations, there are also videos from the mentor. It is without a doubt a great UI Design learning base

This course has increased my interest in the Data Analytics field. I liked the course structure. There are 6 chapters and for each of them, you can find some theoretical information (in video or pdf format), practical exercises, and a review test. Also, you can see your progress during the course. The instructors were fantastic and available to answer any of my questions in the live session and on the Slack channel. This course gave me the confidence to do more advanced work in the subject. Thank you, AllWomen Team!

After a parental career break, I wanted to explore the option of a second career in tech. Doing the Essential PM Course was an insightful experience for someone from a non-tech background like me and helped me a lot in my decision. Plus, the allWomen community and mentors are very helpful and only one click away in Slack. Made by and for women, the Essential PM course is the perfect product for aspiring women product managers!

Our alumna work at

An all-in-one learning and community platform

We use DISCO as our online learning platform to create a personal, accessible, and hands-on learning experience for every single student. It’s mobile-friendly, so you can learn whenever and wherever you are!

Always feel engaged and motivated by our combination of high-quality multimedia resources, including videos, podcasts, and articles that make you want to learn more!

Take part in interactive tasks and quizzes and collaborate with other students for a more fun-filled approach to learning that optimizes your knowledge and skill set.

As an allWomen member, get access to our events, communicate with fellow women through our Slack channel, and discover new opportunities on our Job Board!

Showcase your mastery in tech with our certificates!

Receive certification when you complete your chosen cohorts as part of your professional path! We’re a globally recognized, all-women tech academy with all certifications authenticated by blockchain. Showcase your mastery of your chosen tech field and wow your future employers. 

Get to know your industry-leading instructors!

​​​Learn from our female experts who have a proven track record of success in the field and are committed to empowering other women in tech.

Tammy Liang is a Senior Data Analyst currently working at Alibaba, where she plays a vital role in building scalable and impactful data products with a specific emphasis on user growth and product analytics. She thrives on seeking out challenges and innovative problem-solving opportunities, often driven by the power of data.

As a successful Leadership Coach, University Lecturer, and Talent Development Advisor for over 10 years, Danielle has helped individuals from all over the world feel empowered at work. As a TEDx Speaker, Danielle has built an impressive reputation for helping companies and individuals reach their maximum potential.

Senior UX Writer at Europe’s leading digital bank, N26, Katie has years of experience as a UX Writer and Content Designer in agencies, mobile gaming, and Fintech. She is also a lead speaker for various female-powered writing panels in her spare time.

Head of Product, Product Management coach, and allWomen Lead Instructor, Kax has built digital products over the past 10 years. She spends her free time helping out new and aspiring Product Managers find joy in their career paths and teaching them how to build an environment for them to thrive.

Maria has over 10 years of experience in strategic and technical product management, developing product and go-to-market strategies for senior management and C-level executives. She is always eager to innovate and use her expertise to help others succeed in their product management careers.

Diana is a Product Design Manager and allWomen Instructor with 10+ years of experience in UX and UI. She specializes in designing b2b products and has mentored students and career changers across various product design schools.

Visual, Product, and UX/UI Designer, Susana has over 15 years of experience in UX/UI Design. Working with small startups to huge teams, Susana does it all, imparting her wisdom through mentoring students across the globe. As your lead instructor for this course, you’ll meet Susana to talk about career insights in a live session.

Jovana is a Computational Linguist. She uses her natural language processing (NLP), data analysis, and general linguistic expertise to help improve and optimize language understanding of AI products.

AllWomen Plus takes your online learning experience to a whole new level.

Access to self-paced learning

Unlimited access to 8 online courses
40 self-paced modules
240h of learning

Master your chosen field

Enroll in 3 cohorts of your choice
Live sessions with industry-leading experts
Career coaching sessions

Annual membership

365 days of unlimited access
One-time discounted payment
Flexible payment options

Dedicated support

Talks with industry experts
Community Slack channel
Dedicated course mentors​

Multi-format approach

Learn with videos and podcasts
Extra quizzes and practical exercises
Additional resources available​

Strong community

Lifetime access to 30k community
Diverse, international women in tech
One of the biggest in the world​

Go one step further in your upskilling journey with our annual membership!

Expand your learning in the most sought-after tech areas in the most affordable way with allWomen Plus. Gain the essential skills, insights, and experience to enhance your tech career. 

The allWomen Plus Membership


Secure Payment

14-day money-back guarantee

Flexible payment options

Payment methods

100% secure payment: your data is protected by our security system.

Questions we get asked a lot

The annual membership is a one-off, lump-sum payment of €999 made on the day of signing up. 

We offer a flexible payment plan via Klarna, where you can opt to split the payment into 3 monthly installments. 

Please note that you have a 14-day refund policy from the date of payment. After this period, you will not be eligible for reimbursement. 

For more information about our payment options, please contact

You will receive certification for your chosen professional path. If you choose our Data, Design, or Product professional path, you will receive a single certificate that lists your 3 specific cohorts. If you choose to create your custom professional path, you will receive a certification for each of the 3 cohorts you decide to enroll in.

We’re a globally recognized, all-women tech academy with all certifications authenticated by blockchain. You can add these certifications to your resume to wow your future employers!

This membership does not include access to our bootcamps. 

It does grant you access to all of the online course materials that you can do as self-paced learning. You also get to choose 3 online course cohorts of your choice to join as part of your professional path. These cohorts launch on a monthly basis (each online course cohort launches 10 times in a year), so you can also choose how to schedule your 3 cohorts over the course of the year.

Our online learning courses are carefully crafted so you get the flexible learning you need, with hands-on, interactive sessions that go the extra mile. All modules are self-paced, so you can do the learning at any time, any place. We start and end the experience with a development cohort of international women from different backgrounds, in order to build on top of your experiences and boost your professional profiles. It’s the best of both worlds – an all-in-one affordable, flexible course!

1 ‘meet the cohort’ session

2 Q&A sessions

1 career development session

1 wrap-up session

Open discussions in our learning platform with peers

Yes. The course is specially designed so you can adapt it to your busy routine. With a combination of live sessions and self-paced modules, you can complete it in the way that best fits your needs.

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