Next class starts Sep 2nd

Data Analytics for Business Online Course

Learn how to apply data analytics to your business strategy in an affordable, flexible online learning environment led by female tech leaders. Use SQL language to pull, aggregate, and filter your data for informed business decision-making.

Next class starts Sep 2nd

Master the fundamentals of business SQL with our flexible, online 10-week course. Through self-paced learning and dedicated development sessions, you’ll have the sought-after data analytics skills needed to level up your business.

Designed to provide a complete online learning experience to fit your busy schedule, our courses combine self-paced modules of high-quality media resources with live sessions from industry-leading experts, so you have the best of both worlds!

  • 5 self-paced modules over 10 weeks (30h total) 
  • Live sessions with industry experts
  • Dedicated support through Slack
  • Final project analyzing real-world business data
  • A multi-format approach – videos, podcasts, and more
  • Lifetime access to our 30k+ community

You’ll end this course with a solid understanding of Data Analytics techniques for business. Through the essentials of SQL syntax and structure, you’ll learn how to extract and manipulate your data using advanced queries in order to gather valuable business insights.

Whether you want to get into the Business Analytics field, upskill in SQL, or learn about data to level up your current business strategy, the online course is useful to a wide range of professionals, offering you the essentials at an affordable price. This is an entry-level course, so you don’t need to have prior experience in Data Analytics or SQL. Our students are usually:

  • Aspiring Business Analysts: Who want to enter the data field and learn SQL through real business examples and use cases. 
  • Upskillers: Those who are established in their professional careers (from Product Managing to Marketing) who want to take one step further by learning how to use data to improve their current processes.
  • Business owners: Who have no experience with SQL but want to make their business decisions more data-driven by becoming self-sufficient in concluding performance insights and generating reports. 
  • 30h of independent learning
  • Progress with a group of female upskillers
  • Groups starting monthly
  • Mentoring and dedicated support

Course structure

In this module, you’ll learn the basic structures of SQL statements and how they are executed and take your first steps in running SQL queries. This knowledge will be the building block for further exploration and mastery of SQL analytics in subsequent modules.

You will explore the powerful capabilities of aggregation functions, such as GROUP BY, in order to effectively summarize data and extract valuable insights. From these functions, you will be able to gain a deeper understanding of your data and make informed decisions.

You’ll master key techniques to combine data from multiple tables to amplify information and gain deeper insights for better decision-making. By the end of this module, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how to combine data from multiple tables.

In this module, we will bring together all our learnings and apply SQL to deliver valuable insights in real-world business scenarios. You’ll be able to leverage SQL to gain meaningful insights from business data and prepare insightful reports.

In the final project of this course, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your data analysis skills to analyze the data of a real-world e-commerce company. You will use this data to identify valuable insights and propose 3 strategic actions to enhance their operations.
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This course has increased my interest in the Data Analytics field. I liked the course structure. There are 6 chapters and for each of them, you can find some theoretical information (in video or pdf format), practical exercises, and a review test. Also, you can see your progress during the course. The instructors were fantastic and available to answer any of my questions in the live session and on the Slack channel. This course gave me the confidence to do more advanced work in the subject. Thank you, AllWomen Team!

I liked the course's structure, which provided a comprehensive overview of the data analytics concept. The course content is in such a way that anyone including someone without prior exposure to programming to easily learn it. I appreciated the balance between the theory and the practical application. The instructors and mentors were amazing. They explained complex topics in an understandable manner and were always available and ready to help in any way possible. The project at the end of the course was the highlight since it allowed me to apply what I learned in a practical setting.

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An all-in-one learning and community platform

We use DISCO as our online learning platform to create a personal, accessible, and hands-on learning experience for every single student. It’s mobile-friendly, so you can learn whenever and wherever you are!

Always feel engaged and motivated by our combination of high-quality multimedia resources, including videos, podcasts, and articles that make you want to learn more!

Take part in interactive tasks and quizzes and collaborate with other students for a more fun-filled approach to learning that optimizes your knowledge and skill set.

As an allWomen member, get access to our events, communicate with fellow women through our Slack channel, and discover new opportunities on our Job Board!

Get a certificate to show companies what you can do

Receive a certification authenticated by blockchain in our Data Analytics for Business course when you complete the learning in 10 weeks! We’re a globally recognized, all-women tech academy, so you can add this certification to your resume and wow your future employers.

Get to know your industry-leading instructors!

​​Learn from our female experts who have a proven track record of success in the field and are committed to empowering other women in tech.

Tammy Liang is a Senior Data Analyst currently working at Alibaba, where she plays a vital role in building scalable and impactful data products with a specific emphasis on user growth and product analytics. She thrives on seeking out challenges and innovative problem-solving opportunities, often driven by the power of data.

More than just a course, we offer a complete online learning experience

Self-paced modules

5 modules in 10 weeks
2 weeks per module
30h of learning ​

Development cohorts

Expert-led live sessions
Insights from DA professionals
Career coaching session​

Real-world projects

Practical assignments
Final project analyzing business data
Certification upon completion​

Dedicated support

1:1 sessions on request
Dedicated course mentors
Community Slack channel​

Multi-format approach

Learn with videos and podcasts
Extra quizzes and practical exercises
Additional resources available​

Strong community

Lifetime access to 30k community
Diverse, international women in tech
One of the biggest in the world​

Showcase your new data skills!

For the final module, you’ll be tasked with a final task analyzing data from a real-world e-commerce business. During this, you’ll be able to apply all the techniques and processes you’ve learned in the course to deliver data-driven, actionable insights for the company to apply to its strategy.

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Data Analytics for Business


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Questions we get asked a lot

Our online learning courses are carefully crafted so you get the flexible learning you need, with hands-on, interactive sessions that go the extra mile. All modules are self-paced, so you can do the learning at any time, any place. We start and end the experience with a development cohort of international women from different backgrounds, in order to build on top of your experiences and boost your professional profiles. It’s the best of both worlds – an all-in-one affordable, flexible course!

Yes. The course is specially designed so you can adapt it to your busy routine. With a combination of live sessions and self-paced modules, you can complete it in the way that best fits your needs.

1 ‘meet the cohort’ session

2 Q&A sessions

1 career development session

1 wrap-up session

Open discussions in our learning platform with peers

Yes, the final project is optional. However, you must complete the course in 10 weeks in order to receive the complete course certificate.

The Data Analytics for Business course focuses on SQL, which is an easier and more accessible programming language than Python that can be used across teams. The bootcamp and the Data Analytics Foundation course are both Python, which is usually only used by data analysts. The Data Analytics bootcamp offers 120 hours of remote, live classes, while the Data Analytics for Business online course has 30 hours of learning through pre-recorded videos, lectures, exercises, and podcasts. The bootcamp comes with a Hiring Fair and multiple professional development sessions, which aren’t included in the online courses. In short, the bootcamp is great for women wanting to change careers or looking for a big deep dive while not having any relevant previous experience. On the other hand, the online course is perfect for those looking to learn more or explore the field without necessarily making a career switch.

It all depends on which area of tech you would like to go into! Like UI Design, the UX Research, Data Analytics, and Product Management online courses offer the same learning and development features, just focussed on a different tech role. We recommend having a call with our admissions team to talk about your goals and the skills and knowledge you want to learn, and our team can help you decide which course is right for you.

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