Next class starts Sep 2nd

UI Design Foundation Online Course

Master the UI Design process in our flexible online learning environment led by female tech leaders. Receive the support and guidance you need to feel confident in creating interfaces for digital products that users will love.

Next class starts Sep 2nd

Level up your UI Design skillset with our community-driven online course. Enjoy the freedom of independent learning with the reassurance of dedicated support. In just 10 weeks, you’ll develop the real-world skills, techniques, and experience you need to feel confident in UI Design – directly from top female industry voices.

Our online courses combine independent learning (modules) and interactive learning (live online sessions) curated and led by our female, industry-leading experts. You’ll advance through the course in a close-knit group of fellow students, mentors, and instructors, receiving the hands-on experience and ad-hoc support you need to thrive! 

  • 5 modules over 10 weeks (est. 30h total) 
  • Career session with your lead instructor
  • Written feedback for all your assignments
  • 1:1 session with your mentor upon request
  • Real-world final project for your portfolio

By the end of this course, you’ll leave with full confidence in your UI Design abilities and feel ready to compete in the market. You’ll be able to sketch your design ideas and apply key motion, interaction, and visual design principles. You’ll also know how to create high-fidelity prototypes and carry out usability testing methods.

Whether you’re itching to get into the UI Design field or level up your existing experience, the online course offers you the essentials at an affordable price. Our online course students are usually:

  • Designers: Are you a junior-level designer looking to improve your skillset and confidence in UI, or become qualified in UI Design specifically? This course will level up your abilities as a UI Designer so you feel more secure in your role and be super prepared to take on any future UI Design projects!
  • Other backgrounds: Have you had a taste of UI Design and are interested in learning more? UI Design is a smart career choice to develop a user-centric mindset that can open doors to other dynamic tech projects or roles. Whether you’re in marketing, operations, or services, use this course to gain more accountability and move away from mechanical tasks.
  • 30h of independent learning
  • Progress with a group of female upskillers
  • Groups starting monthly
  • Mentoring and dedicated support

Unlock your full potential while backed by a network of support.

Perform at your best in a supportive, female-led environment that inspires and motivates you every step of the way.

Our lead instructors and graduate mentors will help you become a confident UI professional, offering personalized support throughout your entire learning journey.

Get lifetime access to our diverse allWomen community! Network with fellow women in tech and get exclusive access to events, job opportunities, and more!

Find all your multi-media resources, assignments, and exercises in our mobile-friendly learning platform, so you can learn whenever and wherever you are.
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The UI Design Foundation course is very well structured. Besides all the detailed explanations, there are also videos from the mentor. It is without a doubt a great UI Design learning base

Our alumna work at

Course Structure

In this module, you’ll learn the methods to generate ideas and sketch a website or app for your project. You’ll understand the Design Process, what UI is, what the role of the UI Designer is, and what ideation is in the Design Thinking process.

Learn the basics of Interaction Design and create your first flow in low fidelity. You’ll be introduced to the Interaction Design Principles, learn what Information Architecture is, what sitemaps and wireframes are, and how to create them.

In this module, you’ll move your sketches to Figma, get familiar with the tool, and learn to create high-fidelity prototypes there. You’ll learn the different types of research methods and criteria focusing on usability testing.

You’ll learn the basics of Visual Design and how to apply it to your project, key concepts like Composition and Grinds, and how to set styles in Figma. Then, you’ll move to Typography basics and how to use Typefaces and Color Psychology.

You’ll learn the basics of Motion, Responsive and Adaptive Design, as well as Design Systems and Atomic Design. Finally, you’ll learn about the documentation, formats, and content that are required to prepare your final project.
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Get a certificate to show companies what you can do

Receive a certification authenticated by blockchain in our UI Design Foundation course when you complete the learning in 10 weeks! We’re a globally recognized, all-women tech academy, so you can add this certification to your resume and wow your future employers.

Get to know your industry-leading instructors!

​​Learn from our female experts who have a proven track record of success in the field and are committed to empowering other women in tech.

Visual, Product, and UX/UI Designer, Susana has over 15 years of experience in UX/UI Design. Working with small startups to huge teams, Susana does it all, imparting her wisdom through mentoring students across the globe. As your lead instructor for this course, you’ll meet Susana to talk about career insights in a live session.

Klaudia’s journey, which began with architecture studies in 2012, reflects a passion for versatile design—from fashion and vintage items to digital products. Working mostly with agencies, she has been reshaping user experiences in diverse industries since 2017.

Everything you need to feel confident and competitive in the UI Design market.

Independent learning

5 modules in 10 weeks
2 weeks per module
Estimated 30h of learning ​

Progress with a group

Live sessions Tuesdays @18:30
Class chat channel
Collaborate with your classmates​

Real-world projects

Practical assignments
Portfolio-worthy final project
Certification upon completion ​

Dedicated support

Career session with lead instructor
Kick-off and wrap-up with mentor
1:1 meeting upon request
Written feedback on assignments​

Multi-format approach

Learn with videos and podcasts
Extra quizzes and practical exercises
Additional resources available​

Strong community

Lifetime access to 30k community
Diverse, international women in tech
Community Slack channel​

Build a portfolio-worthy project!

During your online course, you’ll use your weekly assignments to build up your final project from scratch – an industry-standard UI Design product case. With this, you’ll be able to showcase all the skills, techniques, and processes that you’ve learned throughout the course.

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UI Design Foundation


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Questions we get asked a lot

Our online learning courses are carefully crafted so you get the flexible learning you need, with hands-on, interactive sessions that go the extra mile. All modules are self-paced, so you can do the learning at any time, any place. We start and end the experience with a development cohort of international women from different backgrounds, in order to build on top of your experiences and boost your professional profiles. It’s the best of both worlds – an all-in-one affordable, flexible course!

Yes. The course is specially designed so you can adapt it to your busy routine. With a combination of live sessions and self-paced modules, you can complete it in the way that best fits your needs.

1 ‘meet the cohort’ session with your peers and allWomen mentors.
2 Q&A sessions with your lead instructor 
1 case study with industry expert 
1 career development session with a development coach 
1 wrap-up session with allWomen staff.

The final project combines all your learning from the 10 weeks and turns it into a practical, comprehensive project that you can add to your portfolio. Each week, you will be assigned a small, hands-on assignment related to the week’s learning. The final project combines all of these assignments into one impressive project.

Yes, the final project is optional. However, you must complete the course in 10 weeks in order to receive the complete course certificate.

The UX/UI bootcamp offers 100 hours of remote, live classes, while the UI online course has 30 hours of learning through pre-recorded videos, lectures, exercises and podcasts. The bootcamp comes with a Hiring Fair and multiple professional development sessions, which aren’t included in the online courses. In short, the bootcamp is great for women wanting to change careers or looking for a big deep dive, while not having any relevant previous experience. On the other hand, the online course is perfect for those looking to learn more or explore the field without necessarily making a career switch.

It all depends on which area of tech you would like to go into! Like UI Design, the UX Research, Data Analytics, and Product Management online courses offer the same learning and development features, just focussed on a different tech role. We recommend having a call with our admissions team to talk about your goals and the skills and knowledge you want to learn, and our team can help you decide which course is right for you.

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