Next class starts Sep 2nd

UX Writing Online Course

Master the UX writing and content design process in an affordable, flexible online learning environment led by female tech leaders. Create clear and concise content to provide the ultimate product experience for your users.

Next class starts Sep 2nd

Craft user-centered content with our flexible, online 10-week course. Through self-paced learning, real-life case studies, and dedicated development sessions, you’ll have the sought-after UX writing skills needed in this field.

Designed to provide a complete online learning experience to fit your busy schedule, our courses combine self-paced modules of high-quality media resources with live sessions from industry-leading experts, so you have the best of both worlds!

  • 5 self-paced modules over 10 weeks (30h total) 
  • Live sessions with industry experts
  • Dedicated support through Slack
  • Final project action plan
  • A multi-content approach – videos, podcasts, and more
  • Lifetime access to our 30k+ community

After this course, you’ll be able to understand the role of a UX Writer or Content Designer, define product voice, and use best practices to deliver user-centered content for a variety of design components. You’ll also have the experience of employing key concepts and tools used by real-life UX Writers.

Whether you want to get into the UX field or to level up your experience as a UX Writer, this course will help you master the often misunderstood process of UX writing. Our students are usually:


  • Discoverers: People without a UX background who are driven and passionate about the tech industry and want to take a step into the UX sector.
  • Upskillers: Professionals who are established in their career in UX and want to take it to the next level by adding UX writing skills to their resume.
  • Content writers: Copywriters, journalists, and other content writers who want to be part of the product process and learn the skills to build something tangible.
  • Product designers or engineers: Those who want a competitive advantage in their roles by complementing their current skill set with UX writing to create even better product experiences.
  • 30h of independent learning
  • Progress with a group of female upskillers
  • Groups starting monthly
  • Mentoring and dedicated support

Course structure

You’ll understand the role of a UX Writer within a product team and how their responsibilities are different from that of Proofreaders and Copywriters. We’ll also cover the basics of UX writing and tools like Figma, as well as all-important concepts like user and business needs.

In this module, you’ll learn how UX writing fits into the design process, starting with getting to know users and their needs. You’ll learn how to define product voice and tone and how to put all of this together in a user research script and product style guide.

Discover how context impacts content by learning how to write for specific design components (including onboarding and success screens) and beyond the happy paths (such as error messages and empty states), using behavioral design basics as support.

In this module, you’ll learn how accessibility, inclusive language, and localization are key to ensuring your content is ready for a global and diverse audience. You’ll also test out your work so far on real users and iterate based on their feedback.

You’ll have the opportunity to apply your UX writing skills to your very own digital product. You’ll go through the entire UX writing process, from identifying user needs to testing and content interactions, to deliver a final project that you can include in your very own UX portfolio.
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We take great pride in our success in having selected and trained +700 non-technical female professionals, transforming them into promising leaders in the tech industry. We strive to identify emerging talent within our pool of over 30,000 women who are interested in pursuing tech careers, and provide them with the resources and support necessary to succeed. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate the top tech leaders of tomorrow.

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An all-in-one learning and community platform

We use DISCO as our online learning platform to create a personal, accessible, and hands-on learning experience for every single student. It’s mobile-friendly, so you can learn whenever and wherever you are!

Always feel engaged and motivated by our combination of high-quality multimedia resources, including videos, podcasts, and articles that make you want to learn more!

Take part in interactive tasks and quizzes and collaborate with other students for a more fun-filled approach to learning that optimizes your knowledge and skill set.

As an allWomen member, get access to our events, communicate with fellow women through our Slack channel, and discover new opportunities on our Job Board!

Let everybody know about your UX writing skills with a certificate!

Receive a certification authenticated by blockchain in our UX Writing course when you complete the course in 10 weeks! We’re a globally recognized, all-women tech academy, so you can add this certification to your resume and wow your future employers.

Get to know your industry-leading instructors!

​​Learn from our female experts who have a proven track record of success in the field and are committed to empowering other women in tech.

Senior UX Writer at Europe’s leading digital bank, N26, Katie has years of experience as a UX Writer and Content Designer in agencies, mobile gaming, and Fintech. She is also a lead speaker for various female-powered writing panels in her spare time.

More than just a course, we offer a complete online learning experience

Self-paced modules

5 modules in 10 weeks
2 weeks per module
30h of learning ​

Development cohorts

Expert-led live sessions
Insights from real UX Writers
Open discussions with peers

Real-world projects

Practical assignments
Final project
Certification upon completion​

Dedicated support

Talks with female industry expert
Dedicated course mentor
Community Slack channel​

Multi-format approach

Learn with videos and podcasts
Extra quizzes and practical exercises
Additional resources available​

Strong community

Lifetime access to 30k community
Diverse, international women in tech
One of the biggest in the world​

Let’s get your UX Writing portfolio started!

​​At the end of this course, you’ll have the opportunity to create content for your very own digital product from scratch – this is an excellent way to start your portfolio as a UX Writer and showcase the skills, techniques, and processes you have learned along the way.

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Questions we get asked a lot

Our online learning courses are carefully crafted so you get the flexible learning you need, with hands-on, interactive sessions that go the extra mile. All modules are self-paced, so you can do the learning at any time, any place. We start and end the experience with a development cohort of international women from different backgrounds, in order to build on top of your experiences and boost your professional profiles. It’s the best of both worlds – an all-in-one affordable, flexible course!

Yes. The course is specially designed so you can adapt it to your busy routine. With a combination of live sessions and self-paced modules, you can complete it in the way that best fits your needs.

1 ‘meet the cohort’ session

2 Q&A sessions

1 career development session

1 wrap-up session

Open discussions in our learning platform with peers

The final project combines all your learning from the 10 weeks and turns it into a practical, comprehensive project that you can add to your portfolio. Each week, you will be assigned a small, hands-on assignment related to the week’s learning. The final project combines all of these assignments into one impressive project.

Yes, the final project is optional. However, you must complete the course in 10 weeks in order to receive the complete course certificate.

We currently have 3 UX-related online courses, each focussing on a different role and process within UX. Our UX Research Foundation course is all about mastering different research processes and techniques to deliver insights useful for the rest of the product team. The UI Design Foundation course focuses on the design and prototyping of meaningful interfaces to make products easy to use. Finally, this UX Writing course primarily focuses on language and content to communicate clearly and concisely in a way users will understand.

It all depends on which area of tech you would like to go into! Like UX Writing, the UI Design, UX Research, Data Analytics, and Product Management online courses offer the same learning and development features, just focused on a different tech role.

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