How can companies attract female talents to the technology sector?

The low participation of women in the STEM and the growing need for technical professionals make it urgent to address the gender gap in this area. We are constantly working on awareness about the importance of gender equity and the development of female talent in the tech world.

Only 25% of the technical positions are occupied by women worldwide. That means the technology, which we all use and will impact our future,  is being created mainly by man.  Considering women represents half of the world population and 80% of purchasing decisions, it is essential to have more women developing for women.

Besides contributing to a more equal and democratic future, companies with diverse teams and/or with female women leaders triple their performances.  But how to do that? Laura Fernández, our CEO, made a webinar explaining the actions organizations and their leader should take to attract and retain female talents. Here we share the main points that should be taken into consideration. Check it out!


How to attract female talent?

Corporative culture as employer branding for retaining female talent

First, the company should create a plan and policies of gender and diversity. The involvement of a diverse team and affinity groups in the creation of this plan and policies facilitates the structure and decision power.  It is essential to integrate this plan and policies to all the departments and stakeholders, communicating it internally and externally.

Creating a culture attractive to women consists also in recognizing and promoting the existing female potential in the company. It is possible that through blogs, testimonials, and social ads, for example. The company should create an interactive group or form an association with an existing one. Another step is to organize a program or support an existing one to engage women and other minorities groups.

Keywords to create attractive job offers for women

While creating a job offer, recruiters should keep in mind that women need to feel 100% qualified to apply for a job position, while men need to feel 60% qualified. For example, the word expert decreases the number of female candidates to apply for this offer.

The offer needs to be inclusive and explicit about maternity/paternity policies to engage women. It is a good idea to emphasize “innate” abilities in women (communication, empathy, collaboration, …). Also, to engage the candidates, it is better to talk about the specific projects to be developed.  Only after that, you explain the requisites and competencies for the job.

Dynamics to develop inside organizations that drive equity

To reach female talents the recruiters can go to places where the programmers meet and ask permission to participate. Meetups and groups of former students are good opportunities for a recruiter to analyze what the professionals need. Another solution is to offer exclusive specialization workshops for women and organize meeting spaces for them. It is also interesting to organize a hackathon only for women and with challenges focused on their problems.

There is still a “cultural bias” and the tech world seen as a male environment. Therefore many women decide not to participate in it. This is why is so important that companies take actions to make women feel they belong to this sector. 


If you are looking for a female talent for your tech team, we are able to help you. Write to us ( so we can contact you with the next #womenintech of your project. 


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