A new tech academy has born in Barcelona, one for women, by women. Join us in this very special day, as a member of our community or as a new ally. We want to know you, to hear you, to share with you and to have fun among us.

AllWomen is a community for every woman-identified and all friends-identified. We don’t stand for stereotypes, conventions or assumptions, because in the power of diversity we trust. We are the place where women and tech go well together. To prove it to the world, we have created the first program ever in Artificial Intelligence, and a series of tech courses only for women and of course, delivered by women.

Whether you are a tech person or a curious soul, a feminist activist or a promising ally, a compromised company or a wild tech-recruiter, at AllWomen there is space for AllPeople, and we would love to share today and tomorrow with YouAll !

BTW, expect some fresh music, nyami snacks, fancy drinks, interesting conversations and all in excellent company. See you on the 26th of September at 19h at ImaginCafe (Calle Pelayo, 11. 08001 Barcelona).

Get your ticket now. It’s free!