Data Science Masterclass:
Unraveling the secrets of Data Science and Python through hit songs from 2020

Would you like to learn about Data Science through a Spotify case study?
Sign up to our morning session on January 13th at 11am CET.

Learn about Data Science with allWomen

Are you intrigued by the study of Data Science – but immediately write it off for being ‘too daunting’ or just for ‘tech-type’ people? Our goal is to give you a taste of coding with Python with our one hour Masterclass focused on Spotify hits from the 2020. This showcase will give you an opportunity to open yourself up to the possibilities of data without fear or judgement. If you haven’t worked in data and are afraid of code, this is the perfect opportunity to shift your way of thinking by embracing the power of data science in your own career. 

Join our Data Science Masterclass on January 13th at 11am CET. It will go from 11am to 12pm CET and no coding experience is required to take it. If this morning session does not work for you, join the evening session on January 14th at 6.30pm here.

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