How she got there: the journey of women in technology
March 6th 2019. 6.30 - 8.30 pm

How she got there: the journey of women in technology

Women, our day is approaching! Even if we celebrate every day the fact of being women we do like special occasions and here we are to party as well!

We will open you the doors of our office for an inspirational and learning session of the trending topics in tech: UX design, Artificial Intelligence and Product Management, a journey of women empowerment.

Maria A Polo Guardia from Ubeeqo , Paz Perez  from Surex Direct, Susana Duran and  Celsa Diaz  AI, will share their careers paths and how they have achieved to be leaders in their fields. 4 different backgrounds, stories and expertise that are worth listening to.

This event is a great chance to learn from their personal and professional stories and picture yourself as a next women in tech!

 >> And by the way… they are also our UX Design, Product Management and Artificial Intelligence teachers, so this is a great occasion to ask them and us all your questions about our courses.

You haven’t meet us yet?

This is also your opportunity to discover allWomen’s project and the team, behind it.

Our doors will be open for you to get all the info you have been so intrigued to discover!

Come to mingle and network with great women just like you, women that are already or thinking about leading the future of technology!


A panel of female experts

Maria A Polo Guardia from Ubeeqo Product Management expert.

Entrepreneurial hands-on product leader and MBA from Yale University, that enjoys building great teams, products and experiences globally. 

Extensive background in digital, payments and travel product management, agile/Kanban product development, strategy, marketing and operations.

In-depth  understanding of e-commerce, payments (online, mobile and in-store) and travel, for both developed and emerging markets. 

Strong data driven problem solving experience with 10+ years working and leading agile/kanban teams. Developed and regularly presented product and GTM strategy to senior management/C-level executives.

Business case development for both strategic and tactical projects. P&L management experience.

Paz Perez  from Surex UX Design expert.

In my past lives I’ve redesigned how people contribute to the HuffPost, helped insurance brokers be more efficient and built cool agency stuff.

Before turning to technology, I spent years designing public schools in NYC and Barcelona. I also co-founded an international e-commerce platform before the term “startup” was a thing.

I believe in education, diversity and the power of humans Direct.

Celsa Diaz Tejada from Minodes Machine Learning expert. 

2.5 years of experience in the industry
• Data science project management
• Implementation of machine learning solutions from feature engineer, going through model optimisation with A/B testing ending with deployable application development
• Experience in common ML models, Natural Language Processing, Recurrent Neural Networks and Time Series Analysis
• Statistical analysis, KPI definition, data visualisation and reporting
• Experience in ETL development for up-to-date big data technologies: AWS Redshift, Elasticsearch, Hive, Hadoop and Cassandra.

2.5 years of experience in academia
• Quantification and analysis of biophysical processes
• Bayesian inference (Markov Chain Monte Carlo) of evolutionary distance between thousands of protein sequences through BLOSUM substitution matrices
• Experience in parallel computing and energy optimisation of biophysical systems using deterministic and stochastic algorithms
• Experience in common chemistry and molecular biology protocols and kits as well as in Mass Spectrometry, Confocal Microscopy, HPLC and Nanodrop devices

 Susana Duran  from Sage AI expert

Leading the Innovation Lab at Sage, managing teams in different regions and always focused on customers. Mobile, chatbots and AI solutions passionate, delivering the most outstanding experiences with different technical approaches.

The broad engineering background and the product awareness allow being involved during all the project lifetime, bringing forward and understanding the key points.



An inspirational and learning  evening together

Don’t miss the opportunity to talk to our experts and teachers. And of course to meet some amazing women in tech

18.30 – 18.45 : Wellcome Wonder Women by our founder Laura Fernandez

18.45 – 19.05: “The paths to UX Design” by Paz Perez

19.05 – 19.25: “From science to data science” by Celsa Diaz

19.25 – 19.45: “How I fell in love with product management” by Maria A Polo

19.45 – 20.00: How technology changed my way to approach problems? by Susana Duran.

20.0o – 21.00Meet and greet with  drinks

* Courses Info Corners available during all the event .

We are looking forward to meet you!

We look forward to meet you

Join us on March 6th from 18.30

At  MOB I Makers of Barcelonaat Carrer Bailen 11, 08010.