'Skyscanner Future Tech' Scholarship

Your opportunity to join us in one of our tech courses. Learn in a safe environment with an amazing team of elite female instructors!

‘Skyscanner Future Tech’ a unique opportunity to your dream carreer

Do your daydreams include a career boost but you are missing resources? Are you ready to start a career in tech but have no way to finance your studies? 

We have partnered with Skyscanner to offer 2 HALF SCHOLARSHIPS (1475€ of the 2950€ total tuition) for our tech programs starting in September! One for the Product Management Course and the other one for the UX-UI Design Course.

We believe that education should be accessible to everyone, and we know that there’s a lot of talented women out there looking for an opportunity like this. Let’s bring diversity to the tech sector! Really, it’s an urgent need. 

We are looking for women candidates that are brave and passionate about turning their careers to tech. Ready to compromise with the program and allWomen community. 

The scholarships will be based on the following criteria: women with low income; unemployed women; women in charge of children; women representing ethnic minorities; women representing gender and sexual minorities, and of course your drive and passion to boost or shift careers in one of those tech branches. 

The application to this scholarship was closed on September 15th, thanks for your interest in this opportunity offered by Skyscanner!

De qué va “el reto”

  1. Have a look to our programs content and choose which one you prefer: Product Management or UX-UI Design. We are looking for highly motivated students, willing to put time and effort on this program.

  2. Special attention to the course dates and classes schedule. Non class attendance may occur in the scholarship cancellation

  3. Make sure you are eligible for the scholarship by reading the Selection Criterias and Terms and Conditions.

  4. You are ready. Fill up the application form. There’s time from the 29th of August at 13:00 CET to the 15th of September at 24:00 CET.  

  5. The applications will be evaluated by the allWomen team. The final decision will be made for both Skyscanner and allWomen teams. 

  6. After reviewing your application, if we think you’re a good fit, we’ll invite you for a final interview between the 18th and the 19th of September.

  7. Two winners: one for the Product Management course, one for the UX-UI Design course will be awarded half scholarships.

  8. Participants will be informed on the 20th of September.

  9. Be proud of yourself! You are one more step closer to your dream career. In the meantime, sign up to our newsletter for more opportunities like this and become a member a kick-ass community of women in tech.

Make sure you are eligible to apply to the Skyscanner Scholarship

We aim to run a transparent and fair scholarship process and for this reason we present you here the criteria we will follow in order to select the winners. We hope you find this process correct and we ask you to read it carefully. 

We are very aware that for the only reason of being a woman the world we live in is different for us than for our male counterparts. If to this status we add others like our origin, our social or economical background, our gender or sexual orientation or if we we have children in charge, this same world takes even a more complex shape for us, that’s why we want to consider all this factors when you are applying to this scholarship. 

Points per criteria: 

  • Your application form – 6 points: Your drive and motivation (3 points), your availability (1 point), your previous experience relevant to the course (1 point), your communication skills, including english skills (1 point). 
  • Other criterias we will consider:  1 point per eligible criteria: women with low income; unemployed women; women in charge of children; women representing ethnic minorities; women representing gender and sexual minorities. 
  • A final personal interview – 4 points: you will go to this last phase if you have at least 4 points in the application form. 

Terms and Conditions for the “Moving Forward” Scholarship. 

1. Applicant Acknowledgements

Applicants certify that their answers are true and complete to the best of their knowledge. If this application leads to a scholarship, Applicants understand that false or misleading information in their application may result in the disqualification of the scholarship. By applying for this scholarship, Applicants acknowledge and agree to the following terms: Any space left unanswered will be considered an incomplete application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. All scholarships are subject to the availability of funds and based on the satisfaction of scholarship conditions. Scholarship funds are only applied to allWomen tuition and fees. 

2. Application Period

All applications must be received between the 29th of August at 13:00 CET to the 15th of September at 24:00 CET.  

3. Eligibility

In order to be eligible, applicants must be 18 years of age or older. All allWomen students must be women or women identify only. 

In order to be eligible to win the scholarship, all candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Participants must complete the Application Form.

  • Participants must meet the required skills of the chosen course and be accepted as a student by the allWomen team.

  • Applicants must be able to complete either the UX-UI Design or Product Management program in person at allWomen campus in Barcelona.

  • Awarded candidates must be able to pay the other half of the tuition fee  (1475€) before 31st of October. 

  • All our classes are in English so it is required a medium english level in order to qualify for the scholarship. 

4. Scholarship Conditions

  • Two scholarships are available: one for the Product Management Course and the one for the UX-UI Design Course at allWomen Campus in Barcelona. 

  • The scholarship awards provided by Skyscanner will cover half  (1475€) of the total tuition (2950€).  

  • The scholarships are only valid for the courses launching:

  • Product Management : September 24th to November 28th 2019

  • UX-UI Design: September 23rd to November 27th 2019

– Candidates must be able to attend class. Present their final personal project on Demo Day (27th on the UX Course and 28th on the Product Management Course) and participate during the Career Week on December 9th -13th 2019.

– This scholarship may only be awarded once per person and may only be used once per person. 

– The scholarship may not be transferred to another course once the initially chosen course begins. 

– The scholarship may not be applied retroactively. 

– The scholarship may be forfeited if the student withdraws from the course, does not attend at least 90% of school hours, is proven not to be eligible, does not meet allWomen graduation requirements.

5. Privacy And Use Of Promotion Information

Skyscanner and allWomen collects personal information from you when you enter this scholarship process and we reserve the right to use any information collected in accordance with its privacy policy. By entering this scholarship, entrants are agreeing to receive email communications from allWomen and Skyscanner.