AllWomen FAQ

We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions by our students and partners. Get in touch with us for extra clarification, we'll be more than happy to walk you through.

  1. Submit the application form.
  2. Let’s have a five-minute chat on the phone afterwards.
  3. Let’s meet in person and have a personal interview.
  4. Send us your motivation letter and your CV.
  5. Let’s do a coding and statics assignment.
  6. Let’s meet again, so we can take a look at your assignments and for a tech interview.
  7. You’re in!
  8. Pay the deposit, get access to the pre-work, and finish it. It should take you about one week full-time, or two weeks part-time.
  9. Pay the rest of the tuition fee.
  10. Welcome to the first day of changing your life, welcome to our campus!

Career changers: For women without a STEM background who are driven and passionate about the tech industry and want to take a step into the artificial intelligence sector.

Career Boosters: Women who are established in their professional career and want to jump to the next level by adding AI understanding and AI design to their resume.

Entrepreneurs: Women who run their own venture or have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to develop an AI-based product or service.

Recent STEM graduates: Women who have studied STEM disciplines and want to take a deep dive into the world of artificial intelligence.

Your attitude, motivation, drive, resilience and predisposition to work very hard guarantees 90% of your success, that’s why we take our selection process very seriously. The tech assignments of your admission process will also tell us about your capacity to search and find answers beyond knowing them by default. College maths level are also a plus, no matter from which background. If you have all this, you are good to go with us. After you have been accepted, our pre-work on Python and statistics will give the basic level to start and follow from the first day of the program.

You’ll have to finish the pre work, that ensures everyone starts on the same page.

Yes, we do. We are an international space ready to welcome participants from different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds.

To join the course, you have to be 18 years old before the starting date of the course.

When it comes to learning, there is no such thing as an age-limit. We encourage you to take the time to understand new technologies and helping to shape the future of the next generations.

During 2019, we will host 4 groups of the Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp at allWomen. Here are the starting dates:

7th January – 22nd March 2019

1st April – 14th June 2019

24th June – 6th September

16th September  – 30 November 2019

We have tailored a 11-week program that makes it possible for you to go from 0 to 100 on what is needed to start designing and developing new AI technologies. Of course, that will depend on how much energy and dedication you put into it. Throughout your whole learning experience we will offer all the guidance, support, materials and mentorship you might need to finish AllWomen bootcamp successfully – the rest depends on you. By the end of bootcamp you’ll be ready to find a job in one of the most emerging branches of tech.

During the bootcamp you will be working from 9am to 7pm, minimum. The format and content of the bootcamp is structured in a way for the students to learn the most they can, so the more time you dedicate during your learning experience, the more you’ll be able to get out of it. Apart from that, some students invest time out of the classroom to go more in depth on what has been taught during the classes. We don’t recommend for the participants to keep side projects throughout the duration of the bootcamp.

We are strongly committed to bring female talent to the tech industry ready to bring positive impact on the field. Parallel to the technology content of the bootcamp, we are dedicated to develop female leaders, giving emphasis for developing interpersonal skills like teamwork, leadership and project management throughout the program. This all happens with a hands-on approach, on a women & women-identified-only environment.

Yes, every participant must have a laptop to participate on the bootcamp.

To make sure we can welcome participants from all over the world, all our classes and activities are held in English. If you can keep up a fluid conversation in English, understanding and being understood, you’ll probably be able to succeed at the bootcamp.

We’ll be using Python along the entire program. You don’t need to know this language before-hand. During your selection process you will be given a Python assignment; what we want to check is if you understand the logic and you are able to find the answer you don’t have. The pre-work, also in Python, will give you a base before the first day of the program. Once the program starts we’ll dedicate the first week to learn Python together.

The cost of the program is 6999 € (VAT included). You will be with us and at our campus for 12 hours a day, from Monday to Friday, during 11 weeks. We ask for a deposit of 750€ once you have been accepted into the program in order to access the pre-work. We expect you to pay the remainder of the tuition fee before starting the program.

We and our partners are dedicated to lifelong learning, diversity, and equal opportunities for all. We offer scholarships based on the following criteria: women with low income; unemployed women; women in charge of children; women representing ethnic minorities; women representing gender and sexual minorities.

These scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case basis and are subject to availability. Contact us for more information.

Extra tip: On the other side, for each friend you bring that is accepted into the course, you get a 10% bonus on tuition cost that can be deducted from the total or shared with your friend.

Please contact us at academy@allwomen.tech; we’ll be more than happy to chat with you.

Yes. By the end of the bootcamp we offer a hiring fair to bring the students closer to potential hires. If you are interested in participating at the hiring fair and get to know our new talents even before they go to the world, write us at companies@allwomen.tech to see how you can get involved.

Always. You can send an email to companies@allwomen.tech to talk about the best way to engage with our students.

If your company uses data science, machine learning and AI, the 6-month internship program is an excellent opportunity for both our students and your company. Please get in touch with us for further information at companies@allwomen.tech.