With the sequence of events this past year – from the mass tech layoffs to international conflicts and crises – we know that there are so many women who have experienced a major struggle when it comes to their career or their education 💔

Now, more than ever, we can help make a real difference for women who need extra support to get themselves back on track or feel more confident and secure in their careers. That’s exactly why we’re launching a new scholarship program for our online courses to offer that support to 100 people and make a real difference! 💗

Let’s dive into everything you need to know about the Rise & Thrive Scholarship and how you may be eligible to apply! 👇

What is the Rise & Thrive Scholarship?

The Rise & Thrive Scholarship allows us to make our online learning experiences even more affordable for those who need additional financial support. By making our courses more accessible, we hope to help women kickstart their professional development again so that they can rise above their current situations and begin thriving again! 💪

We’re offering scholarships for our online courses to 100 people, with a grant of €200 to cover a large portion of the online course price. 

The remaining €299 can then be paid at once, or can be split into 3 monthly installments of just €99.60 with Klarna. Please check whether the Klarna option is available for your country here

Who is the scholarship aimed towards?

This scholarship is aimed towards those who have experienced any career hardships over the past year and need extra support to upskill in tech, enhance their career, or find new opportunities to thrive. 

The scholarship is designed to help those who:

👉Have suffered a layoff in the last 12 months

👉Are currently unemployed

👉Are trying to go back to work after a maternity break

👉Were affected by international conflicts

👉Want to improve their current professional situation

Want to apply for the scholarship for another reason similar to the above? You may be eligible – see our application process details below!

Why do the scholarship?

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get partial funding to upskill in one of the most sought-after areas in tech. Here are just a few other reasons why you should consider it!

  • Apply for any online course: Our scholarship grants you €200 off any of our online courses – from Product Management to UX Writing, you’ll be able to upskill in one of the most in-demand tech roles on the market!
  • Get the real support you need: Our courses have the human touch you need. You’ll have live sessions with your expert instructors and mentors to offer any support you need during your learning journey, and you can request in-depth personal feedback whenever you need it. We are totally committed to supporting you the whole way through so you can successfully graduate!

  • Experience the true value of our community: Our courses are specifically designed to be community-driven, providing you with everything you need to truly thrive. From industry-leading expert instructors, dedicated mentorship, and a close-knit community of fellow women and students, you’ll always feel like you’re developing on both a professional and personal level.

How to apply

We have created a short application process for those who wish to apply for the Rise & Thrive Scholarship. You will need to fill out and submit a short form which will cover the following:

  • Your current professional situation 
  • How this scholarship will have a positive impact on you
  • The course you wish to take 

Each application will be considered and reviewed individually. Please note that honesty in your responses is key – there are a limited number of spots available! 🙏🏻

You have until October 31st to submit your online application form for consideration. If you are successful, you will receive a notification via email containing the €200 scholarship voucher so you can proceed with course enrollment. 🤩

You should receive your scholarship in plenty of time to enroll in our next edition of online cohorts commencing November 6th! 🙌

We feel so lucky to have such an incredible community and be able to provide fellow women with the resources, tools, and opportunities to further their careers in tech. We can’t wait to offer the extra support you need to rise above your current situation and thrive in 2024! 💞