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Are you lady who is interested in upscaling her career by studying a new vocation in the tech world? And are you concerned about finding the perfect course for you, that also happens to fit your hectic schedule?

Then this is the blog post for you!

Here at allWomen – a tech academy built for women, by women – we pride ourselves in our ability to provide high quality courses in Data Science, UX Design, and Product Management that are accessible to women with busy lives…

Our class editions run every January, April, and September, with special immersive trainings in July.

We run our courses throughout the year in this way, to give you multiple opportunities to kick-start your career – while supporting our mission of diversifying the tech industry!

Do you feel most productive right after the holidays, with the push of resolutions inspiring the rest of your winter?

Or does the rejuvenation of spring-time feel like the perfect motivational period for upscaling your career?

Perhaps you have more time in the summer to spend on breaking into a new industry.

Or maybe you prefer to start fresh in the fall!

With classes in January, April, and September, and immersive trainings in July, we’re here to support your tech journey no matter the schedule you have in mind.

(Plus, those interested in Data Science can choose between doing a Full-Time or Part-Time course!)

So if a career in Data Science, UX Design, or Product Management is calling your name, then keep your eyes peeled to the allWomen channels or reach out to us through these links:

Data Science Part Time

Data Science Immersive

UX Design

Product Management

We’re always here to help if any more specific questions come up. You can reach us through the chat or email us at!


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AllWomen is the evolution of
Thanks for coming all the way along.

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